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National Treasure

Book of Secrets


Released 2007

Jon Turteltaub = Director

Jerry Bruckheimer = Producer

Jon Turteltaub = Producer

Pat Sandston = Associate Producer

Mike Stenson = Executive Producer

Chad Oman = Executive Producer

Barry H. Waldman = Executive Producer

Oren Aviv = Executive Producer

Charles Segars = Executive Producer

Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates

Justin Bartha as Riley Poole

Diane Kruger as Abigail Chase

Jon Voight as Patrick Gates

Helen Mirren as Emily Appleton

Ed Harris as Mitch Wilkinson

Harvey Keitel as Sadusky

Bruce Greenwood as The President

Ty Burrell as Connor

Michael Maize as Daniel

Timothy V. Murphy as Seth

Alicia Coppola as FBI Agent Spellman

Armando Riesco as FBI Agent Hendricks

Albert Hall as Dr. Nichols

Joel Gretsch as Thomas Gates

Christian Camargo as John Wilkes Booth

Brent Briscoe as Michael O'Laughlen

Billy Unger as Charles Gates

Michael Manuel as Agent Craig

Brad Rowe as Agent Hopper

Zachary Gordon as Lincoln Conspiracy Kid

Peter Woodward as Palace Guard Haggis

Oliver Muirhead as Control Room Guard

Larry Cedar as Control Room Guard

Troy Winbush as Agent Hammer

Billy Devlin as Agent Sledge

William R. Johnson as Agent Stander

Richard Cutting as Agent Tyme

Alicia Leigh Willis as Lady Customer

Rachel Cora Wood as Girl Customer

Lisa Sheldon as Jacqueline

Natalie Dreyfuss as Angry College Girl

Michael Stone Forrest as Press Secretary

David Copeland Goodman as Deputy Press Secretary

Susan Lynskey as Asst. Press Secretary

Patrizia DiZebba as Press Secretary's Secretary

Grant Thompson as Boat Patrolman

Frank Herzog as Frank

Mary Ellen Aviano as Senator's Wife

Jon Abel as Senator

Eric W. Carlson as Air Force General

Randy Travis as Celebrity Music Star

Mary Firestone as FBI Agent Doer

Robert C. Koch as FBI Agent Stayres

Emerson Brooks as FBI Agent Steppes

Tim Talman as FBI Agent Cade

Stephen Hibbert as Tourist on Toilet

Jonathan Emmett as Palace Guard Sholder

Emily Joyce as Palace Guide

Glenn Beck as Abraham Lincoln

Judy Renihan as Mary Todd Lincoln

Susan Beresford as Mrs. Mountchessington

Demetri Goritsas as Asa Trenchard

Charity Reindorp as Augusta

C. C. Smiff as Major Rathbone

David Ury as Barkeep

Milsey Peter Miles as Beer Truck Driver

Ben Homewood as Taxi Passenger

Michael McCafferty as Snooty Historian

Russ Widdall as Treasure Fanatic

Hans Georg Struhar as Range Rover Owner

Poetri as Mover

John Travis as Helicopter Pilot Mike

Desiree Cooper as Kid at Easter Egg Hunt (uncredited)

Matthew Dunn as Player (uncredited)

Gino Picciano as Tourist (uncredited)

Don Abernathy as Photographer (uncredited)

Mike Altieri as FBI Agent (uncredited)

Mike D. Anderson as Business Man (uncredited)

Debbie Attwell as Theatregoer (uncredited)

George Balulis as DC Metro Police Officer (uncredited)

Nora Bauer as Conference Attendee (uncredited)

Blayne Bennett as Tourist (uncredited)

Tatjana Bluchel as White House Photographer (uncredited)

Terah Belle Burnett as Easter Egg Hunt Girl (uncredited)

Sharon Carpenter-Rose as Presidential Party Guest (uncredited)

Juan Eloy Carrera as Business Man (uncredited)

Larry Carter as Secret Service Agent (uncredited)

Natalie Christina as Senators Wife (uncredited)

Jason Collins as FBI Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)

Tim Colmus as Senator (uncredited)

Aaron Cornelison as 1865 Boy Outside of Tavern (uncredited)

Scot Cregan as White House Press Secretary (uncredited)

Scali Delpeyrat as Police Officer on Bicycle #2 (uncredited)

Mark Casimir Dyniewicz as 1865 Tavern Patron (uncredited)

Clive Elkington as Tourist (uncredited)

Paul Fahrenkopf as Party Guest & Lecture Attendee (uncredited)

Sommer Fehmel as Driver (uncredited)

Liam Ferguson as Invited Guest (uncredited)

Pamela Fischer as Professor (uncredited)

Simone Bruyère Fraser as Girl (uncredited)

Savannah French as Easter Egg Hunt Girl (uncredited)

Ashley Fung as Kid at Easter Egg Hunt (uncredited)

Kevin Fung as Kid at Easter Egg Hunt (uncredited)

Guillaume Gallienne as Police Officer on Bicycle #1 (uncredited)

Elan Garfias as Presidential Party Guest (uncredited)

Thomas M. Hagen as Historian (uncredited)

Teresa Haney as Running Girl (uncredited)

Greg Hindsley as Pedestrian (uncredited)

David Hinton as Buckingham Palace Guard (uncredited)

Chad Hundley as College Student (uncredited)

Forbes KB as TFG Police (uncredited)

Kirk Lambert as Coach (uncredited)

Todd A. Langenfeld as Mt. Vernon FBI Agent (uncredited)

Mike Lazorcik as Lecture Attendee (uncredited)

Kevin Leigh as National Mall Commuter (uncredited)

Gina Limbrick as Presidential Party Guest (uncredited)

Jonathan Linsley as Buckingham Palace Guard (uncredited)

Chris Luensman as Lecture Attendee (uncredited)

Gita M. McCarthy as Presidential Party Guest (uncredited)

Andrew McCune as Secret Service Agent (uncredited)

Lauren Meley as White House Staffer (uncredited)

Rana Morrison as Female Guest at Presidential Party (uncredited)

Michael O'Connor as Police Inspector (uncredited)

Manny Oliverez as Secret Service Agent (uncredited)

Norman Outlaw as President Party Guest (uncredited)

Natasha Parnian as Student (uncredited)

Jose L. Penaranda as Presidential Birthday Party Guest (uncredited)

Aaron Zachary Philips as Child at Easter Egg Hunt (uncredited)

Christopher Phillips as DC Policeman (uncredited)

John R. Price II as Professor in Lecture Hall (uncredited)

Brieann Rich as Police Officer (uncredited)

Nicholas Rich as Police K-9 Officer (uncredited)

Roger Sands as Lecture Attendee (uncredited)

Adrian Schemm as Easter Boy (uncredited)

Kenny Shapiro as FBI Agent (uncredited)

Gary Sievers as 1865 Tavern Patron (uncredited)

Derek A. Smith as Secret Service Agent in Boat (uncredited)

Mackenzie Brooke Smith as Little Girl (uncredited)

Al Sotto as Police Officer (uncredited)

Chris Spinelli as DC Policeman (uncredited)

Patrick Michael Strange as Lecture Attendee (uncredited)

Callie Thompson as Little Girl (uncredited)

Tom Townsend as Secret Service Agent (uncredited)

Debbie Tsamoudakis as Presidential Party Guest (uncredited)

Towanda Underdue as Business Executive (uncredited)

Madison Victoria as Presidental Party Guest (uncredited)

Don Whatley as Secret Service Agent (uncredited)

David Williams as Easter Egg Hunt Kid (uncredited)

Gayle Yiotis as Conference Attendee (uncredited)

Eddie Yansick as Ben Stunt Double

Christopher Leps as Riley Stunt Double

Noby Arden as Emily Stunt Double

Lisa Hoyle as Abigail Stunt Double

Brett A. Jones as Patrick Stunt Double

Davey Thompson as Mitch Stunt Double

Mic Tomasi as Ben Stand In

Scott Richards as Bill Young Driving Team

Richard Bucher as Stuntperson

Jay Caputo as Stuntperson

Jeff Chumas as Stuntperson

Eliza Coleman as Stuntperson

John Douglas Dixon as Stuntperson

Jayson Dumenigo as Stuntperson

Greg Wayne Elam as Stuntperson

Corey Michael Eubanks as Stuntperson

Jeremy Fry as Stuntperson

Charles Grisham as Stuntperson

Kurt D. Lott as Stuntperson

Bennie E. Moore as Stuntperson

Hugh Aodh O'Brien as Stuntperson

Jim Palmer as Stuntperson

Marc Schaffer as Stuntperson

Joseph Buddy Sosthand as Stuntperson

Davey Thompson as Stuntperson

Heather Vendrell-Arthur as Stuntperson

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