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National Lampoon's



Released 1983

Harold Ramis = Director

Matty Simmons = Producer

Robert Grand = Associate Producer

Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold

Beverly D'Angelo as Ellen Griswold

Imogene Coca as Aunt Edna

Randy Quaid as Cousin Eddie

Anthony Michael Hall as Rusty Griswold

Dana Barron as Audrey Griswold

Eddie Bracken as Roy Walley

Brian Doyle-Murray as Kamp Komfort Clerk

Miriam Flynn as Cousin Catherine

James Keach as Motorcycle Cop

Eugene Levy as Car Salesman

Frank McRae as Grover

John Candy as Lasky

Christie Brinkley as Girl in the Red Ferrari

Jane Krakowski as Cousin Vicki

John Navin as Cousin Dale

Nathan Cook as Man Giving Directions

Christopher Jackson as Pimp

Mickey Jones as Mechanic

John Diehl as Assistant Mechanic

Jeannie Dimter Barton as Dodge City Cashier

Randolph Dreyfuss as Wyatt Earp

Virgil Wyaco II as Indian

Gerry Black as Davenport

James Staley as Motel Desk Clerk

Adelaide Wilder as Car Hop

Tessa Richarde as Motel Guest

Fritz Ford as Neighbor

Eric Stacey Jr. as Neighbor

Scott Perry as Swat Leader

Dennis Freeman as Policeman

Michael Talbot as Cowboy

John Craigmile as Camel Rider

Pam Bebermeyer as Stuntperson

Jophery Brown as Stuntperson

Chere Bryson as Stuntperson

Bill Burton as Stuntperson

Jim Connors as Stuntperson

Mike Deluna as Stuntperson

David Ellis as Stuntperson

Tony Epper as Stuntperson

Hugh Hooker as Stuntperson

Julian Richard Sylvester as Stuntperson

Don Pulford as Stuntperson

J. N. Roberts as Stuntperson

Kenny Studer as Stuntperson

Glenn R. Wilder as Stuntperson

John Woodward as Stuntperson

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