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Ned Blessing


Released 1992

Peter Werner = Director

Paul Douglas Goldman = Associate Producer

William D. Wittliff = Executive Producer

Daniel Baldwin as Ned Blessing

Luis Avalos as Crecencio

Chris Cooper as Anthony Blessing

Sean Baca as Young Ned Blessing

Taylor Fry as Young Jilly Blue

Julia Campbell as Jilly Blue

Rene Auberjonois as The Marquis

Timothy Scott as Deputy Sticks Packwood

Bob Gunton as Texas Preacher

Miguel Sandoval as Bruto Half-Tongue

Jeff Kober as Tors Buckner

Tony Frank as Raby

Brandon Smith as The Drunk

Jimmie F. Skaggs as Ignacio

Vince Davis as Prison Reporter

M. C. Gainey as One-Armed Jack Sample

Michael Harris as Cornelius Bryant

Sonny Carl Davis as Pie Wentworth

Julius Tennon as Tug McFall

Bill Bolender as Twister Taylor

Annalee Jefferies as Flood Phillips

Jill Parker-Jones as Townswoman

Blue Deckert as Townsman #1

Mark Voges as Townsman #2

Dennis Hill as Townsman #3

John Martin as The Doctor

Harvey Christiansen as Man in Congregation

Brady Coleman as Austin Reporter #1

James Prince as Austin Reporter #2

Richard Jones as Austin Reporter #3

Dani Barden as Stuntperson

Richard L. Blackwell as Stuntperson

Don Breneman as Stuntperson

John Campbell as Stuntperson

Darrell Craig Davis as Stuntperson

David Efron as Stuntperson

William Lance Haynes as Stuntperson

Lucinda Hinton as Stuntperson

Ronald Jaynes as Stuntperson

David Jones as Stuntperson

Ben Loggins as Stuntperson

David Sanders as Stuntperson

Jeff Schwan as Stuntperson

Joe Self as Stuntperson

Richard Slaughter as Stuntperson

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