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The Neverending Story II

The Next Chapter


Released 1990

George Miller = Director

Dieter Geissler = Producer

Klaus Kähler = Associate Producer

Bodo Scriba = Co-Producer

Tim Hampton = Executive Producer

Jonathan Brandis as Bastian Bux

Kenny Morrison as Atreyu

Clarissa Burt as Xayide

John Wesley Shipp as Barney Bux, Bastian's Father

Martin Umbach as Nimbly

Alexandra Johnes as Childlike Empress

Thomas Hill as Koreander

Helena Michell as Mrs. Bux, Bastian's Mother

Christopher Burton as Tri Face

Patricia Fugger as Instrument Spinster

Birge Schade as Windbride

Claudio Maniscalco as Lavaman

Andreas Borcherding as Mudwart

Ralf Weikinger as Mudwart

Colin Gilder as Rockbiter Junior

Rob Morton as Police Officer

Frank Lenart as Trainer

Donald Arthur as Voice of Falkor (uncredited)

Andreas Beckett as City Dweller (uncredited)

Petra Amarell as Puppeteer

Jutta Barth as Puppeteer

Jutta Estermaier as Puppeteer

Karl Fritsch as Puppeteer

Peter Geierhaas as Puppeteer

Birgit Gottschalk as Puppeteer

Sabine Grimminger as Puppeteer

Rainer Hipp as Puppeteer

Daniela Hirschauer as Puppeteer

Ursula Leinfelder as Puppeteer

Torsten Matthes as Puppeteer

Cornelia Oettl as Puppeteer

Ralf Schirrmann as Puppeteer

Katharina Schmidt as Puppeteer

Jurgen Weisser as Puppeteer

Rudi Bauer as Giant

Bent Beilharz as Giant

Holger Dudla as Giant

Adolf Kraus as Giant

Karl Krebs as Giant

Andreas Kobusch as Giant

Markus Kroth as Giant

Radu Mendrea as Giant

Jan Meyer-Berghout as Giant

Axel Munderlein as Giant

Robert Naegele as Giant

Christian Reuter as Giant

Jochen Reuter as Giant

Oliver Ritzinger as Giant

Peter Rossmeisel as Giant

Marcus Rupprecht as Giant

Peter Sassmann as Giant

Stefan Schwankner as Giant

Heinz Siegel as Giant

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