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The Neverending Story III

Escape From Fantasia


Released 1994

Peter MacDonald = Director

Dieter Geissler = Producer

Tim Hampton = Producer

Klaus Kaehler = Associate Producer

Jason James Richter as Bastian Bux

Melody Kay as Nicole, Bastian's Stepsister

Jack Black as Slip, Leader of The Nasties

Carole Finn as Mookie, The Nasties

Ryan Bollman as Dog, The Nasties

Freddie Jones as Coreander, Librarian and Old Man of Wandering Mountain

Julie Cox as The Childlike Empress

Moya Brady as Urgl, Female Gnome

Tony Robinson as Engywook, Male Gnome

Thomas Petruo as Large Head, Großkopf

Tracey Ellis as Jane Bux, Bastian's Stepmother

Kevin McNulty as Barney Bux, Bastian's Father

Nicole Parker as Coil, Nasty #1

P. Adrien Dorval as Rage, Nasty #2

Kaefan Shaw as Bark Troll, Borkentroll

Gordon Robertson as Falkor

Frederick Warder as Mr. Rockchewer & Shopping Clerk

William Todd-Jones as Mrs. Rockchewer

Dave Formann as Junior Rockchewer

Danu Anthony as Samantha, Nicole's Friend

Andrea Nemeth as Rachel, Nicole's Friend

Mark Acheson as Mr. John, Janitor

Marilyn Norry as Mrs. Crackerby

Shirley Broderick as Mrs. Coreander

Ruth Nichol as Samantha's Mother

Alfonso R. Quijada as Delivery Man

Ulrich Kinalzik as Eskimo Trapper

John 'Bear' Curtis as Lumberjack

Richard Newman as Photographer

Veena Sood as Sales Lady #1

Marcy Goldberg as Sales Lady #2

Lossen Chambers as Sales Lady #3

Hrothgar Mathews as Nursery Truck Driver

Samantha McKenna as Schoolgirl

David Longworth as Log Dispatcher

Jessica Walden as Bird Girl

Lauren Samis as Creepy Girl

Jenna Irvine as Trickster

Jesse Camacho as Beaver Boy (uncredited)

David Alan Barclay as Key Puppeteer

Philip Eason as Key Puppeteer

Richard Coombs as Key Puppeteer

Rick Lyon as Key Puppeteer

Susan Dacre as Key Puppeteer

Bernd Broszeit as Puppeteer Performer

Vera Pachale as Puppeteer Performer

Andreas Max Eichberg as Puppeteer Performer

Harald Preuss as Puppeteer Performer

Boris Sebastian Gurtler as Puppeteer Performer

Kirsten Rohrs as Puppeteer Performer

Sven Haarder as Puppeteer Performer

Iris Schleuss as Puppeteer Performer

Karl Huck as Puppeteer Performer

Hans-Peter Schmidt as Puppeteer Performer

Atif Hussein as Puppeteer Performer

John Scott as Puppeteer Performer

Peter Lutz as Puppeteer Performer

Susann Wachter as Puppeteer Performer

Eckbert Matschi as Puppeteer Performer

Christian Weise as Puppeteer Performer

Cornelia Mitrea as Puppeteer Performer

Sven Winter as Puppeteer Performer

William Hootkins as Voices of Bark Troll & Falkor

Gary Martin as Voices of Mr. Rockchewer & Junior Rockchewer

Mac McDonald as Voice of Mrs. Rockchewer

Brett Armstrong as Stuntperson

Trish Schill as Stuntperson

Lee Sollenberger as Stuntperson

Yvette Ferguson as Stuntperson

David Soo as Stuntperson

Owen Walstrom as Stuntperson

Randy Lee as Stuntperson

Marny Eng as Stuntperson

Mike Crestejo as Stuntperson

Jerry Therrien as Stuntperson

Rob Wilton as Stuntperson

Richard Merwick as Stuntperson

Rick Morwick as Stuntperson

Garvin Cross as Stuntperosn

Rick Pearce as Stuntperson

Kimberley Sheppard as Stuntperson

Scott Ateah as Stuntperson

Luke Waldmann as Stuntperson

Jimmy Broyden as Stuntperson

Cal Hutchinson as Stuntperson

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