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Next Avengers

Heroes of Tomorrow


Released 2008

Jay Oliva = Director

Gary Hartle = Producer

Stan Lee = Co-Executive Producer

Kevin Feige = Executive Producer

Eric S. Rollman = Executive Producer

Noah C. Crawford as Voice of James Rogers

Brenna O'Brien as Voice of Torlinn

Aidan Drummond as Voice of Pym

Dempsey M. Pappion as Voice of Azari

Adrian Petriw as Voice of Hawkeye

Tom Kane as Voices of Tony Stark, Iron Man & Ultron

Fred Tatasciore as Voice of Hulk & Additional Voices

Shawn MacDonald as Voice of Vision & Additional Voices

Michael Adamthwaite as Voice of Thor & Additional Voices

Ken Kramer as Voice of Bruce Banner

Nicole Oliver as Voice of Betty Ross & Additional Voices

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