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Next of Kin


Released 1989

John Irvin = Director

Les Alexander = Producer

Don Enright = Producer

Jeb Stuart = Associate Producer

Larry DeWaay = Executive Producer

Patrick Swayze as Truman Gates

Liam Neeson as Briar Gates

Adam Baldwin as Joey Rosselini

Helen Hunt as Jessie Gates

Andreas Katsulas as John Isabella

Bill Paxton as Gerald Gates

Ben Stiller as Lawrence Isabella

Michael J. Pollard as Harold

Ted Levine as Willy Simpson

Del Close as Frank

Valentino Cimo as Rhino

Paul Greco as Leo

Vincent Guastaferro as Paulie

Paul Herman as Tony Antonelli

Don Herion as Zimmer

Don James as David Jenkins

Brett Hadley as De Witt

Rodney Hatfield as Hollis

Richard Wharton as Selkirk

Kelly Blair as Tolbert

Charles Williams as Pierce

Michael Wise as Snakeman

Joseph R. Ryan as Grandpa

Anndrena Belcher as Patsy-Ruth

Jean Ritchie as Charlene

Nancy Jeffrey as Aunt Peg

Tina Engle as Rosalie

Kimberly Cole as Hollis' Wife

Starla Fugate as Gerald's Girl Friend

Michael Sassone as Melvin

Neil Giuntoli as Shorty

Fred Crowther as Old Hillbilly

Billy Branch as Preacher

Celene Evans as Lady Bartender

Michael Dizonno as Vinny

Tim Quill as T.V. Reporter

Jack Kandel as Hillbilly Bartender

Sally Murphy as Hooker

Mark Roberts as Furniture Mover

Patrick Balch as Young Boy (Kentucky)

Relioues Webb as Young Boy (Chicago)

Arlene Lencioni as Mrs. Isabella

Lew Way Chin as Violin Student

Morgan Biscomb Melto as Violin Student

Elizabeth Ruf as Woman in Bar

Al Neal as Man in Bar

Joelle Pasquale as Daughter #1

Mia Ferro as Daughter #2

Keela Gootee as Daughter #3

Pamela Prater as Selkirk's Wife

Mary Ann Berkhart as De Witt's Wife

Robert Minkoff as Bit (uncredited)

Lisa Niemi as Violinist (uncredited)

Alison Vesely as Reception Waitress (uncredited)

Johnny Hock as Stuntperson

Gene Hartline as Stuntperson

Ben Scott as Stuntperson

Charles Croughwell as Stuntperson

Norman Howell as Stuntperson

Stacy Logan as Stuntperson

Rick Le Fevour as Stuntperson

Eddie J. Fernandez as Stuntperson

Danny Costa as Stuntperson(as Dan Costa)

Tony Brubaker as Stuntperson

Mario Roberts as Stuntperson

Bob Minor as Stuntperson

R. L. Tolbert as Stuntperson

Bob Kurcz as Stuntperson

John Sherrod as Stuntperson

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