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Night at the Museum

Battle of the Smithsonian


Released 2009

Shawn Levy = Director

Shawn Levy = Producer

Chris Columbus = Producer

Michael Barnathan = Producer

Ellen M. Somers = Associate Producer

Thomas M. Hammel = Executive Producer

Josh McLaglen = Executive Producer

Mark Radcliffe = Executive Producer

Ben Stiller as Larry Daley

Amy Adams as Amelia Earhart

Owen Wilson as Jedediah

Hank Azaria as Kahmunrah, The Thinker & Abe Lincoln

Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt

Christopher Guest as Ivan The Terrible

Alain Chabat as Napoleon Bonaparte

Steve Coogan as Octavius

Ricky Gervais as Dr. McPhee

Bill Hader as Gen George Armstrong Custer

Jon Bernthal as Al Capone

Patrick Gallagher as Attila The Hun

Jake Cherry as Nick Daley

Rami Malek as Ahkmenrah

Mizuo Peck as Sacajawea

Kerry van der Griend as Neanderthal #1

Matthew Harrison as Neanderthal #2

Riccardo Dobran as Neanderthal #3

Randy Lee as Hun #1

Darryl Quon as Hun #2

Gerald Wong as Hun #3

Paul Chih-Ping Cheng as Hun #4

Jay Baruchel as Sailor Joey Motorola

Mindy Kaling as Docent

Keith Powell as Tuskegee Airman #1

Craig Robinson as Tuskegee Airman #2

Samuel Patrick Chu as Teenage Boy #1

Augustus Oicle as Teenage Boy #2

Kai James as Teenage Boy #3

Clint Howard as Air and Space Mission Control Tech #1

Matty Finochio as Air and Space Mission Control Tech #2

George Foreman Sr. as Himself

Josh Byer as Capone Gangster #1

Sophie Levy as Young Girl #1

Tess Levy as Young Girl #2

Christina Schild as 'American Gothic' Woman

Robert Thurston as 'American Gothic' Farmer

Alberta Mayne as Kissing Nurse

Clifton MaCabe Murray as Kissing Sailor

Caroll Spinney as Oscar The Grouch

Thomas Morley as Darth Vader

Dan Joffre as Town Car Driver

Dave Hospes as Astronaut & Railroad Worker Stuntperson

Regina Taufen as New York Reporter

Shawn Levy as Infomercial Father

Kevin Jonas as Voice of Cherub #1

Joe Jonas as Voice of Cherub #2

Nick Jonas as Voice of Cherub #3

Eugene Levy as Voice of Albert Einstein

Brad Garrett as Voice of Easter Island Head

Don Abernathy as Airport Traveler (uncredited)

Dennis Albanese as Foreman (uncredited)

Jordan Michael Coulson as Steltsy Guard (uncredited)

Thomas Joe Craig as Museum Patron (uncredited)

Robert Ben Garant as Orville Wright (uncredited)

Ed Helms as Player (uncredited)

Jonah Hill as Brandon / Brundon the Security Guard (uncredited)

Lauren Emily Jacobs as School Girl (uncredited)

Waléra Kanischtscheff as Voice of Ivan the Terrible (uncredited)

Tom MacNeill as US Marine (uncredited)

Nathalie Marrable as Jitterbugger (uncredited)

Dan Martino as U.S. Solider (uncredited)

Robert Underwood as Air and Space Mission Control Tech (uncredited)

David Arnott as Voice Actor

Christian Aubert as Voice Actor

Jason Broad as Voice Actor

Doug Burch as Voice Actor

Catherine Cavadini as Voice Actor

John Demita as Voice Actor

Charles Fathy as Voice Actor

Efrain Figueroa as Voice Actor

Greg Finley as Voice Actor

Jeffrey Todd Fischer as Voice Actor

Peggy Flood as Voice Actor

Aaron Hendry as Voice Actor

Barbara Iley as Voice Actor

Boris Klevsky as Voice Actor

Terence Matthews as Voice Actor

Jeremy Maxwell as Voice Actor

Daniel Mora as Voice Actor

Angel Oquendo as Voice Actor

Jason Pace as Voice Actor

Richard Penn as Voice Actor

David J. Randolph as Voice Actor

Dale Raoul as Voice Actor

Noreen Reardon as Voice Actor

Vernon Scott as Voice Actor

Edward Shkolnikov as Voice Actor

Joel Swetow as Voice Actor

Andreana Weiner as Voice Actor

Greg Fitzpatrick as Ben Stiller Stunt Double

Mike Mitchell as Robin Williams Stunt Double

Mike Carpenter as Horus Stuntperosn

Ken Zilka as Horus Stuntperson

Glenn Ennis as Horus Stuntperson

Shawn Stewart as Horus Stuntperson

Dan Payne as Horus Stuntperson

John Bukowski as Horus Stuntperson

Giorgio Mishita as Horus Stuntperson

Phillip Mitchell as Capone Gang Stuntperson

Lars Grant as Capone Gang Stuntperson

Richard Brooks as Capone Gang Stuntperson

James Bamford as Capone Gang Stuntperson

Ryan Ennis as Capone Gang Stuntperson

Darren Shalavi as Roman Centurion Stuntperson

Justin Sain as Roman Centurion Stuntperson

Mike Desabrais as Roman Centurion Stuntperson

Christopher Gordon as Neanderthal Stuntperson

Rob Hayter as Neanderthal Stuntperson

Lauro Chartrand as Neanderthal Stuntperson

Mitchell A. Lee Yuen as Neanderthal Stuntperson

Lloyd Bateman as Neanderthal Stuntperson

Don Lew as Railroad Worker Stuntperson

Rob 'Sluggo' Boyce as Railroad Worker Stuntperson

Gaston (Howard) Morrison as Tuskegee Airman Stuntperson

Anthony St. John as Tuskegee Airman Stuntperson

Dalius Blake as Tuskegee Airman Stuntperson

Ernest Jackson as Tuskegee Airman Stuntperson

Ronald Robinson as Tuskegee Airman Stuntperson

Sylvesta Stuart as Tuskegee Airman Stuntperson

Trevor Jones as Tuskegee Airman Stuntperson

Kit Mallet as Hussar Stuntperson

Brent Connolly as Hussar Stuntperson

Todd Scott as Hussar Stuntperson

Cody Lauden as Hussar Stuntperson

Heath Stevenson as Hussar Stuntperson

Jennifer Mylrea as Stunt Double

Krista Bell as Stunt Double

Greg Schlosser as Stunt Double

Greg Hansen as Stunt Double

Gerald Paetz as Stunt Double

Clint Carleton as Stunt Double

Bruce Crawford as Stunt Double

Raymond Sammel as Stunt Double

Eli Zagoudakis as Stunt Double

Ashlea Earl as Stunt Double

Kimberly Chiang as Stunt Double

Alex Chansky as Stunt Double

Reuben Langdon as Stunt Double

Fraser Aitcheson as Egyptian Guard Stuntperson

Chad Bellamy as Egyptian Guard Stuntperson

Nickolas Baric as Egyptian Guard Stuntperson

Hugo Steele as Egyptian Guard Stuntperson

James Michalopolous as Egyptian Guard Stuntperson

Clay Virtue as Marine Stuntperson

Fraser Corbett as Marine Stuntperson

Adrian Hein as Sailor Stuntperson

Simon Burnett as Sailor Stuntperson

Mike Ching as Streltsy Stuntperson

Mark Chin as Streltsy Stuntperson

Paul Wu as Streltsy Stuntperson

Lloyd Adams as Streltsy Stuntperson

Mike Dopud as Streltsy Stuntperson

Robert Alonzo as Utility Stuntperson

Bill Anagnos as Utility Stuntperson

Ilram Choi as Utility Stuntperson

Mark Musashi as Utility Stuntperson

Bianca Belmolnte Giancoli as Utility Stuntperson

Adam Hart as Utility Stuntperson

Mark Ginther as Utility Stuntperson

J.J. Perry as Utility Stuntperson

David Schultz as Utility Stuntperson

Adam Casillas as Stand-in

Chera Bailey as Stand-in

Adam Bryant as Stand-in

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