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Night At The Museum


Released 2006

Shawn Levy = Director

Shawn Levy = Producer

Chris Columbus = Producer

Michael Barnathan = Producer

Ellen M. Somers = Associate Producer

Josh McLaglen = Co-Producer

Thomas M. Hammel = Executive Producer

Ira Shuman = Executive Producer

Mark Radcliffe = Executive Producer

Ben Stiller as Larry Daley

Carla Gugino as Rebecca

Dick Van Dyke as Cecil

Mickey Rooney as Gus

Bill Cobbs as Reginald

Jake Cherry as Nick Daley

Ricky Gervais as Dr. McPhee

Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt

Kim Raver as Erica Daley

Patrick Gallagher as Attila The Hun

Rami Malek as Ahkmenrah

Pierfrancesco Favino as Christopher Columbus

Charles Q. Murphy as Taxi Driver

Steve Coogan as Octavius

Owen Wilson as Jedediah (uncredited)

Mizuo Peck as Sacajawea

Kerry van der Griend as Neanderthal #1

Dan Rizzuto as Neanderthal #2

Matthew Harrison as Neanderthal #3

Jody Racicot as Neanderthal #4

Paul Rudd as Don

Anne Meara as Debbie

Martin Christopher as Lewis

Martin Sims as Clark

Randy Lee as Hun #1

Darryl Quon as Hun #2

Gerald Wong as Hun #3

Paul Chih-Ping Cheng as Hun #4

Teagle F. Bougere as Teacher - Mike

Pat Kiernan as TV News Anchor

Nico McEown as Friend #1

Meshach Peters as Friend #2

Matthew Walker as Politician

Jason McKinnon as Irish Worker

Jonathan Lee as Chinese Rail Worker

Jason Vaisvila as Viking

Cade Wagar as Viking

Cory Martin as Chinese Terra Cota Soldier

Brad Garrett as Voice of Easter Island Head

Crystal the Monkey as Dexter

Che Landon as Pretty Tourist Girl (uncredited)

Gary Sievers as Viking Warrior (uncredited)

Jason Glass as Blind Driver Stuntperson

Brent Woolsey as Larry Riding Double

Simon Burnett as Cowboy Stuntperson

Greg Schlosser as Cowboy Stuntperson

Yves Cameron as Cowboy Stuntperson

Heath Stevenson as Cowboy Stuntperson

Lauro Chartrand as Cowboy Stuntperson

Chad Cosgrave as Cowboy Stuntperson

Joe A. Dodds as Cowboy Stuntperson

Kirk Jacques as Cowboy Stuntperson

Tom Eirickson as Cowboy Stuntperson

Roger Lewis as Cowboy/Soldier Stuntperson

Dave Hospes as Cowboy Stuntperson

Ken Zilka as Cowboy Stuntperson

John Scott as Cowboy Stuntperson

Alex Green as Railroad Worker Stuntperson

Rob 'Sluggo' Boyce as Railroad Worker Stuntperson

Aaron Au as Railroad Worker Stuntperson

Kimberly Chaing as Railroad Worker Stuntperson

Cody Laudan as Soldier Stuntperson

Lloyd Adams as Soldier Stuntperson

Mike Dopud as Soldier Stuntperson

Brian Ho as Soldier Stuntperson

Trevor Jones as Soldier Stuntperson

Mike Ching as Soldier Stuntperson

Gregory James Fitzpatrick as Stunt Double

Mike Mitchell as Stunt Double

Paul Rutledge as Stunt Double

Chad Sayn as Stunt Double

Trevor Addie as Roman Stuntperson

Darren Shahlavi as Roman Stuntperson

Loyd Bateman as Roman Stuntperson

Shawn Beaton as Roman Stuntperson

Christopher Gordon as Roman Stuntperson

Clint Carleton as Roman Stuntperson

Mike Desabrais as Roman Stuntperson

Jon Kralt as Roman Stuntperson

Kit Mallet as Roman Stuntperson

Todd Scott as Roman Stuntperson

Blaise Corrigan as Stunt Driver

Adam Bryant as Teddy Standin

Charlie Attrill as Additional Stunts

Clay Virtue as Additional Stunts

Tom Glass as Additional Stunts

Troy Dorchester as Additional Stunts

Leo Byusa Teta as Additional Stunts

Jovan Nenadic as Additional Stunts

Raymond Chan as Additional Stunts

Gerald Wong as Additional Stunts

William Lawrence as Additional Stunts

Reg Glass as Additional Stunts

Mike Vérzina as Additional Stunts

Dan Rizzuto as Additional Stunts

Alex Chiang as Additional Stunts

Eli Zagoudakis as Additional Stunts

Randy Lee as Additional Stunts

Sonny Surowiec as Additional Stunts

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