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Night Of The Sharks


Released 1987

Anthony (Tonino Ricci) Richmond = Director

Fulvio Lucisano = Producer

Anna Maria Cerrato = Executive Producer

Treat Williams as David Ziegler

Janet Agren as Liz Ziegler

Antonio Fargas as Paco

Steve Elliot (Stelio Candelli) as Player

Egidio Termine as Player

Charles Mucary (Carlo Mucari) as James Ziegler

Nina Soldano as Juanita

Sal Borgese as Garcia

John Steiner as Rosentski

Christopher Connelly as Father Mattia

Ivano Silveri as Supporting Player

Rinaldo Zamperla as Supporting Player

Franco Ukmar as Supporting Player

Ferdinando Tomassini as Supporting Player

Marjorie Manushaw as Lona (uncredited)

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