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Now and Then


Released 1995

Lesli Linka Glatter = Director

Suzanne Todd = Producer

Demi Moore = Producer

I. Marlene King = Associate Producer

Eric McLeod = Co-Producer

Jennifer Todd = Executive Producer

Christina Ricci as Young Roberta Martin

Rosie O'Donnell as Dr. Roberta Martin

Thora Birch as Young Teeny Tercell

Melanie Griffith as Tina 'Teeny' Tercell

Gaby Hoffmann as Young Samantha Albertson

Demi Moore as Samantha Albertson

Ashleigh Aston Moore as Young Chrissy DeWitt

Rita Wilson as Chrissy DeWitt Williams

Devon Sawa as Scott Wormer

Walter Sparrow as Crazy Pete

Cloris Leachman as Grandma Albertson

Lolita Davidovich as Mrs. Albertson, Samantha's Mom

Janeane Garofalo as Wiladene

Hank Azaria as Bud Kent

Bonnie Hunt as Mrs. DeWitt, Chrissy's Mom

Willa (Rumer Willis) Glen as Angela Albertson

Bradley Coryell as Wormer Brother

Justin Humphrey as Wormer Brother

Travis Robertson as Wormer Brother

James Wilson Keane as Boy with Basketball

Ric Reitz as Mr. Ted Albertson

Kellen Crosby as Kenny

Joey Stinson as Outfielder

James Paul Cleckler as Catcher

Tucker Stone as Young Morton Williams

Jamison B. Dowd as Bully

Beverly Shelton as Eda

Geoff McKnight as Tractor Driver

T. S. Morgan as Limo Driver

Carl Espy as Dr. Morton Williams

Alice Tew as Baby

Rand Courtney as Brett Jones (uncredited)

Brendan Fraser as Vietnam Veteran (uncredited)

Brandon Kleyla as Bobby Fricker (uncredited)

Nancy Ellen Anzalone as Stuntperson

Jennifer Lamb as Stuntperson

Heidi Burger as Stuntperson

Don Hewitt as Stuntperson

Dan Mabry as Stuntperson

Candi Orsini as Stuntperson

Ray McCort as Pilot

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