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Old Dogs


Released 2009

Walt Becker = Director

Andrew Panay = Producer

Robert L. Levy = Producer

Peter Abrams = Producer

Anson Downes = Associate Producer

Linda Favila = Associate Producer

Garrett Grant = Executive Producer

John Travolta as Charlie

Robin Williams as Dan

Kelly Preston as Vicki

Conner Rayburn as Zach

Ella Bleu Travolta as Emily

Lori Loughlin as Amanda

Seth Green as Craig

Bernie Mac as Jimmy Lunchbox

Matt Dillon as Barry

Ann-Margret as Martha

Rita Wilson as Jenna

Amy Sedaris as Condo Woman

Residente as Tattoo Artist

Saburo Shimono as Yoshiro Nishamura

Kevin W. Yamada as Riku

Kevin Dean-Hackett as Tijuana Priest

Laura Allen as Kelly

Sam Travolta as Singing Waiter #1

Margaret Travolta as Singing Hostess

Nick Loren as Singing Waiter #2

Kenneth Maharaj as Indian Guy

Nova Mejia as Hot Waitress

Margaret Goodman as Grandma

Jerome Weinstein as Grandpa

Allie Woods Jr. as Old Guy

Michael Enright as Mike the Waiter

Alexa Havins as Hot Waitress #2

Keenan Shimizu as Japanese Executive #1

Akira Takayama as Japanese Executive #2

Shirô Oishi as Japanese Executive #3

Yoshio Mita as Japanese Executive #4

Seiji Kakizaki as Japanese Executive #5

Keisuke Jim Nagahama as Japanese Executive #6

Dominick Riccardi as Driver

Costas Panay as Little Kid

Kate Lacey as Rayburn & Reed Employee

Denise Violante as Spanish Lady

Tonia-Marie Gallo as Lazy Pooch Employee

Jin Hwa Hwang as Japanese Flight Attendant

Marcel Becker as Waiter

Alison Pelletier as Hot Waitress #3

Dylan Sprayberry as Cute Soccer Kid #1

Joey Pordan as Cute Soccer Kid #2

Jason Davies as Dancer

Alicia Mazepa as Dancer

Marielys Molina as Dancer

Charlene Smith as Dancer

Tera Lee Polin as Dancer

Brendan King as Dancer

Jason Dougherty as Dancer

Kevin Aubin as Dancer

Christine Anderson as Back-Up Singer

Crystal Anderson as Back-Up Singer

Erynn Dickerson as Back-Up Singer

Edward Noel MacNeal as Muppet

John Kennedy as Muppet

Matt Vogel as Muppet

Josh Cohen as Muppet

R. Bruce Connelly as Muppet

Joe Kovacs as Muppet

Sebastian as Lucky the Dog

Tom Woodruff Jr. as Gorilla

Yuri Everson as Lead Puppeteer

Dave Penikas as Puppeteer

Garth Winkless as Puppeteer

Bradley Steven Perry as Cute Soccer Kid (uncredited)

Judy Beil as Businesswoman (uncredited)

Andrea Chen as Sushi Bar Girl (uncredited)

Paulo Costanzo as Zoo Maintenance (uncredited)

DeRay Davis as Zoo Security Guard (uncredited)

Kendall Draughn as Ice Cream Girl (uncredited)

Eduardo M. Freyre as Limbo Dancer (uncredited)

Luis Guzmán as Nick, Child Proofer #2 (uncredited)

Jian as Airport Security #3 (uncredited)

Ingrid Johnson as Big Tina (uncredited)

David Karges as Karaoke Bar Patron (uncredited)

Heland Lee as Japanese Security Guard #1 (uncredited)

Justin Long as Troop Leader Adam (uncredited)

Abigail McConnell as '70s Prom Date (uncredited)

Logan Petrin as Penguin Stand Kid (uncredited)

Panama Redd as Singing Waiter (uncredited)

Hector Rodriguez Jr. as Commuter (uncredited)

Harry L. Seddon as Businessman & Escalator (uncredited)

Dax Shepard as Gary, Child Proofer #1 (uncredited)

Melissa Silver as Bartender (uncredited)

Lara Anne Slife as Singing Waitress (uncredited)

Preston Thompson as Cute Soccer Player (uncredited)

Paul Thornton as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)

Madison Victoria as Zoo Patron (uncredited)

Lynn Witty as Mourner (uncredited)

Nick Loren as Charlie Stunt Double

Mike Mitchell as Dan Stunt Double

Jill Brown as Jenna Stunt Double

Paul Marini as Stuntperson

Dave Schultz as Stuntperson

Stephen Mann as Stuntperson

Brian Smyj as Stuntperson

Shawn Kautz as Stuntperson

Vince Cupone as Stuntperson

Norman Douglass as Stuntperson

Bob Colletti as Stuntperson

Ian McLaughlin as Stuntperson

Anthony Vincent as Stuntperson

Joanne Lamstein as Stuntperson

Jodi Pynn as Stuntperson

Michael Papajohn as Stuntperson

Mark Munoz as Stuntperson

Tom DeWier as Stuntperson

Allan Graf as Stuntperson

Brian Machleit as Stuntperson

Eric Norris as Stuntperson

Chuck Picerni as Stuntperson

Gene Harrison as Handyman Stuntperson

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