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Open Season


Released 2006

Jill Culton = Director

Roger Allers = Director

Michelle Murdocca = Producer

Amy Jupiter = Co-Producer

John B. Carls = Executive Producer

Steve Moore = Executive Producer

Martin Lawrence as Voice of Boog

Ashton Kutcher as Voice of Elliot

Gary Sinise as Voice of Shaw

Debra Messing as Voice of Beth

Billy Connolly as Voice of McSquizzy

Georgia Engel as Voice of Bobbie

Jon Favreau as Voice of Reilly

Jane Krakowski as Voice of Giselle

Gordon Tootoosis as Voice of Gordy

Patrick Warburton as Voice of Ian

Cody Cameron as Voice of Mr. Weenie

Nika Futterman as Voice of Rosie

Danny Mann as Voice of Serge

Jack McGee as Voice of Hunter

Michelle Murdocca as Voice of Maria

Fergal Reilly as Voice of O'Toole

Matthew W. Taylor as Voices of Porcupine, Deni & Others

Kirk Baily as Additional Voices

Jack Blessing as Additional Voices

Ranjani Brow as Additional Voices

David Cowgill as Additional Voices

Caitlin Cutt as Additional Voices

Elisa Gabrielli as Additional Voices

Jackie Gonneau as Additional Voices

Wendy Hoffman as Additional Voices

Scott Menville as Additional Vo

Renee Robert as Additional Voices

André Sogliuzzo as Additional Voices

Hans Tester as Additional Voices

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