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The Other Man


Released 2008

Richard Eyre = Director

Frank Doelger = Producer

Michael Dreyer = Producer

Tracey Scoffield = Producer

Richard Eyre = Executive Producer

Jan Mojto = Executive Producer

Mary Beth O'Connor = Executive Producer

David Richenthal = Executive Producer

Laura Linney as Lisa

Antonio Banderas asw Rafe

Liam Neeson as Peter

Romola Garai as Abigail

Abigail Canton as Designer

Pam Ferris as Vera

Paterson Joseph as Ralph

Craig Parkinson as George

Lola Peploe as Eleanor

Sophie wu as Shop Assistant

Richard Graham as Eric

Lisa McDonald as Receptionist

Emma Fielding as Gail

Paul Ritter as Guy

Amanda Drew as Joy

Guido Adorni as Waiter, Chess Cafe

Romolo Bruni as Owner, Chess Cafe

Stefano Chiodaroli as Taxi Driver

Joseph Long as Maire'd

Priyanga Burford as Dr. Emma Hurd

Neil Savage as Chaplain

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