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The Other Side of Heaven


Released 2001

Mitch Davis = Director

Gerald R. Molen = Producer

John Garbett = Producer

Steven Ramirez = Associate Producer

Tim Coddington = Co-Producer

Mitch Davis = Executive Producer

Christopher Gorham as John Groberg

Anne Hathaway as Jean Sabin

Jeremy Birchall as Edward

Ross Duncan as John's Father

Maggie Harper as John's Mother

Rick Leckinger as Photographer

Brian Richards as Crowd Member #1

Vernon Pribble as Crowd Member #2

Anita Schiller as Crowd Member #3

Norman Forsey as Old Sailor

John Brazier as Suva Boat Captain

James Vannaisingham as Suva Customs Officer #1

George Sabbage as Suva Customs Officer #2

Christian Davis as Suva Missionary

Tim Holt as Swede

Gerald 'Jerry' R. Molen as President Coombs

Joseph Folau as Feki

Glynis Paraha as Postmistress

Nga Jonassen as Gossip #1

Lorna Nicholas as Gossip #2

John Paekau as Governor

Te Paki Cherrington as Minister

Nathaniel Lees as Kelepi

Peter Sa'ena-Brown as Kuli

Whetu Fala as Asi

Nancy Kareroa as Mele

Pua Magasiva as Finau

Mary Taio as Lita

Josia Taio as Lita's Father

Fofonga Taio as Lita's Mother

Mona Taio as Lita's Sister

Turara Pekepo as Old Man

Miriama Smith as Lavania

Apii McKinley as Noli

Taua Benioni as Lavania's Father

Natiti Pere Eti as Sincere Mourner #1

Tereapii Enua as Sincere Mourner #2

Alvin Fitisemanu as Tomasi

Maria Maurangi as Goldtooth

Ben Daniel as Nuku

Sharon Brothers as Nuku's Mother

Tearoa Ngaro as Tomasi's Wife

Hula Carnahan as Tomasi's Daughter

Tumupu Tumupu as Finau's Father

Stig Eldred as Rich Yacht Owner

Fraley Cerutti as Crew Member #1

Mike Nilsen as Crew Member #2

Nooroa Anitonia as Girl's Mother #1

Ititau Mare as Girl's Mother #2

Vaine Wichman as Finau's Mother

Mata George as Audience Member

Ben Tuteru as Sione

John Sumner as President Stone

Louisa Teite as Elderly Woman

Vivian Tuteru as Child #3

Paula Keenan as Sister Stone

Sope Carnahan as Old Woman

John Barker as Band Singer (uncredited)

John H. Groberg as Wedding Photographer (uncredited)

Daniel Lucas as John Groberg's Younger Brother (uncredited)

Tyrone Bell as Stuntperson

Sam Williams as Stuntperson

John Perry as John's Photo Double

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