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The Outlaw


Released 1943

Howard Hughes = Director

Howard Hughes = Producer

Jack Buetel as Billy the Kid

Jane Russell as Rio McDonald

Thomas Mitchell as Pat Garrett

Walter Huston as Doc Holliday

Mimi Aguglia as Guadalupe

Joe Sawyer as Charley

Gene Rizzi as Stranger

Bobby Callahan as Boy (uncredited)

Martin Garralaga as Mike, Waiter (uncredited)

John Howard as Face on Wanted Poster (uncredited)

Ben Johnson as Stuntperson/Player (uncredited)

Dickie Jones as Boy (uncredited)

Cecil Kellogg as Officer (uncredited)

Ethan Laidlaw as Deputy (uncredited)

Ted Mapes as Guard (uncredited)

William Newell as Drunken Cowboy (uncredited)

Emory Parnell as Dolan, Man Entering Saloon (uncredited)

Edward Peil Sr. as Swanson (uncredited)

Wallace Reid Jr. as Bystander (uncredited)

Julian Rivero as Pablo (uncredited)

Lee Shumway as Card Dealer (uncredited)

William Steele as Deputy (uncredited)

Harry Strang as Townsman at Sheriff's Office (uncredited)

Frank Ward as Boy (uncredited)

Pat West as Bartender (uncredited)

Richard Farnsworth as Stuntperson (uncredited)

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