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Outlaw Justice


Released 1999

Bill Corcoran = Director

Stanley M. Brooks = Producer (uncredited)

Enrique Cerezo = Producer (uncredited)

Lance Kinsey = Associate Producer

Howard Baldwin = Co-Executive Producer

Karen Elise Baldwin = Co-Executive Producer

Gerard Yubero = Co-Producer

Christy Pipkin = Co-Producer

Willie Nelson as Lee Walker

Kris Kristofferson as Jesse Ray Torrance

Travis Tritt as Sheriff Dalton

Chad Willett as Bryce Naylor

Jonathan Banks as Sheriff Conklin

Waylon Jennings as Tobey Naylor

Sancho Gracia as Holden

Simón Andreu as Col. Lupo

Jorge Bosso as Mayor Hunter

Francis Butler as Picker

Ignacio Durán as Almeria Chong

Vincent Ginarbi as Almeria Cheech

May Heatherly as Mrs. Preble

Eduardo Hererra as Lloyd

Bill Holden as Bank Guard

Tony Isbert as Bank Robber

Lance Kinsey as Rowdy Cowboy

Simon Lopez as Kid with Telegram

Mark Newsom as Townsperson

Alito Rodgers as Cowboy

Aldo Sambrell as Stagecoach Steward

Manuel San Martín as Mexican Soldier

Marina Saura as Almeria Woman

Pablo Scola as Campsite Thief

Danny Sullivan as Mr. Preble

Leonor Watling as Claire

Salvador Martos Manson as Stuntperson

Juan Montoya as Stuntperson

Peter Pedrero as Stuntperson

Jesus Riaran Hernan as Stuntperson

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