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Released 1987

Garry Marshall = Director

Alexandra Rose = Producer

Anthea Sylbert = Producer

Nick Abdo = Associate Producer

Roddy McDowall = Executive Producer

Goldie Hawn as Joanna Stayton & Annie Proffitt

Kurt Russell as Dean Proffitt

Edward Herrmann as Grant Stayton III

Katherine Helmond as Edith Mintz

Michael 'Mike' Hagerty as Billy Pratt

Roddy McDowall as Andrew

Jared Rushton as Charlie Proffitt

Jeffrey Wiseman as Joey Proffitt

Brian Price as Travis Proffitt

Jamie Wild as Greg Proffitt

Frank Campanella as Captain Karl

Henry Alan Miller as Dr. Norman Korman

Frank Buxton as Wilbur Budd (Elk Cove)

Carol Williard as Rose Budd (Elk Cove)

Doris Hess as Adele Burbridge (Elk Cove)

Ed Cree as Thud Gittman (Elk Cove)

Mona Lyden as Gertie (Elk Cove)

Lucinda Crosby as Waitress (Elk Cove)

Bing Russell as Sheriff Earl (Elk Cove)

Richard Stahl as Hospital Psychiatrist (Elk Cove)

Ray Combs as Cop at Hospital (Elk Cove)

Marvin Braverman as Doctor at Hospital (Elk Cove)

Tim Wright as The Wright Brothers Band

Tom Wright as The Wright Brothers Band

John McDowell III as The Wright Brothers Band

Steven Walker as The Wright Brothers Band

Israel Juarbe as Engine Room Crewman (Yacht)

Robert Goldman as Crew Helmsman (Yacht)

Keith Syphers as Crew (Yacht)

Robert Meadows as Crew (Yacht)

Julie Paris as Grant's Girlfriend

Lisa (Rielle) Hunter as Grant's Girlfriend

Lisa Beth Ross as Grant's Girlfriend

Erin Grant as Grant's Girlfriend

Liz Stewart as Grant's Girlfriend

Laura Fabian as Grant's Girlfriend

Paul Tinder as Coast Guard Captain

Scott Marshall as Coast Guard Spotter Lucas

Bill Applebaum as Coast Guard Friend

Don Thompson as Coast Guard Guy

Hector Elizondo as Garbage Scow Skipper (uncredited)

Garry Marshall as Drummer (uncredited)

Blair Richwood as Psychiatric Nurse (uncredited)

Sven-Ole Thorsen as Olaf, Stayton Flunky (uncredited)

Charly Marie Morgan as Stuntperson

Gary Pike as Stuntperson

Geoff Brewer as Stuntperson

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