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The Over The Hill Gang


Released 1969

Jean Yarbrough = Director

Aaron Spelling = Producer

Shelley Hull = Producer

Andrew Brennan = Associate Producer

Aaron Spelling = Executive Producer

Danny Thomas = Executive Producer

Walter Brennan as Nash Crawford

Edgar Buchanan as Jason Fitch

Andy Devine as Judge Amos Polk

Jack Elam as Sheriff Clyde Barnes

Gypsy Rose Lee as Cassie

Kristin (Harmon) Nelson as Hannah Rose

Ricky Nelson as Jeff Rose

Pat O'Brien as Captain Oren Hayes

Chill Wills as Gentleman George Agnew

Edward Andrews as Mayor Nard Lundy

Dennis Cross as Sheriff

Rex Holman as Deputy Dolby

Lillian Bronson as Mrs. Louise Murphy

Myron Healey as Deputy Tucker

Bruce Glover as Deputy Steel

Don Wilbanks as Big Red Connors

Robert 'Bobby' F. Hoy as Frank Mace

Bobby Herron as Lafe Jordan

Allen Pinson as Deputy

Almira Sessions as Mrs. Fletcher

Burt Mustin as Old Man

Maggie Peterson as Ellie, Crawford's Daughter

Harry Swoger as Mac, Bartender

William 'Billy' Benedict as Joe, Telegrapher

Robert Karnes as Sheriff

Guy Wilkerson as Henry, Stableman

Larry Michaels as Nash's Grandson

Harlen Carraher as Nash's Grandson

William 'Bill' Smith as Amos

Victor Izay as Townsman (uncredited)

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