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The Over The Hill Gang Rides Again


Released 1970

George McCowan = Director

Aaron Spelling = Producer

Shelley Hull = Producer

Andrew Brennan = Associate Producer

Aaron Spelling = Executive Producer

Danny Thomas = Executive Producer

Walter Brennan as Nash Crawford

Fred Astaire as The Baltimore Kid

Edgar Buchanan as Jason Fitch

Andy Devine as Amos Polk

Chill Wills as Gentleman George Agnew

Paul Richards as Sam Braham

Lana Wood as Katie Flavin

Parley Baer as The Mayor

Walter Burke as The Stableman

Lillian Bronson as Mrs. Louise Murphy

Jonathan Hole as Parson

Burt Mustin as Best Man

Don Wilbanks as The Cowboy

Pepper Martin as The Drifter

Eddie Quillan as Silver Dollar Bartender (uncredited)

Mark Tapscott as Gambler (uncredited)

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