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The New Adventures

Pippi Longstocking


Released 1988

Ken Annakin = Director

Gary Mehlman = Producer

Walter Moshay = Producer

Svensk Filmindustri = Co-Producer

Ken Annakin = Co-Producer

Robin S. Clark = Associate Producer

Mishaal Kamal Adham = Executive Producer

Tami Erin as Pippi Longstocking

David Seaman Jr. as Tommy Settigren

Cory Crow as Annika Settigren

Eileen Brennan as Miss Bannister

Dennis Dugan as Mr. Settigren

Dianne Hull as Mrs. Settigren

George DiCenzo as Mr. Blackhart

J. D. Dickinson as Rype

Chub Bailly as Rancid

Dick Van Patten as Greg The Glue Man

John Schuck as Capt. Efraim Longstocking

Branscombe Richmond as Fridolf

Evan Adam as Freckle-faced Boy

Fay Masterson as Head Girl

Romy Mehlman as Lisa

Geoffrey Seaman as Billy

Bridget Ann Brno as Chrissy

Christopher Broughton as Manual

Carole Kean as Miss Messerschmidt

Leila Hee Olsen as Miss Ward

Clark Niederjohn as Jake

Louis Seeger Crume as Fire Chief

Joe Gilbride as Horseman

Jim Grimshaw as Police Chief

Joseph John Kurtzo Jr. as Janitor

Russ Wheeler as Ice Cream Vendor

Gail Klicman as Townswoman

Frank Welker as Voices of Mr. Neilson & Alfonso (uncredited)

Alison Brown as Stuntperson

Laura Dash as Stuntperson

Shane Dixon as Stuntperson

Butch Rivers as Stuntperson

Sara Lee Wade as Stuntperson

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