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Mr. Popper's Penguins


Released 2011

Mark Waters = Director

John Davis = Producer

Linda Hill = Associate Producer

Jonathan Filley = Co-Producer

Ira Napoliello = Co-Producer

Jessica Tuchinsky = Executive Producer

Mark Waters = Executive Producer

Derek Dauchy = Executive Producer

Joel Gotler = Executive Producer

Jim Carrey as Mr. Popper

Carla Gugino as Amanda

Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Van Gundy

Ophelia Lovibond as Pippi

Madeline Carroll as Janie

Clark Gregg as Nat Jones

Jeffrey Tambor as Mr. Gremmins

David Krumholtz as Kent

Philip Baker Hall as Franklin

Maxwell Perry Cotton as Billy

James Tupper as Rick

Dominic Chianese as Reader

William C. Mitchell as Yates

Henry Keleman as Young Tommy Popper

Kelli Barrett as Tommy's Mom

Dylan Clark Marshall as Young Tommy Popper #2

Brian T. Delaney as Voice of Young Tom Popper Sr.

Elaine Kussack as Gremmins's Secretary

Harlin C. Kearsley as Town Car Driver

Desmin Borges as Daryl

Lee Moore as Reginald

Dominic Colon as Tito

Jeff Lima as Freddy

Frank Cornei as Klaus

J. R. Horne as Arnold

Matthew Wolf as Voice of Antarctic Friend

Andrew Stewart-Jones as Aninal Control Guy

James Chen as Fish & Game Officer

Rafael Osorio as Marine & Waterfowl Officer

Curtis Shumaker as Sanitation Officer

Joseph D'Onofrio as Random Man on Street

Olga Merediz as Nanny

Betsy Aidem as Tavern Hostess

Angel L. Caban as Fishmonger

Chris Beetem as Young Developer

Charles L. Campbell as Voice of Old Tom Popper Sr

Daniel Stewart Sherman as Zoo Security Guard

Mike Massimino as Cop #1

Charlie Semine as Cop #2, Quint

Rocco C. Forcione as Stuntperson

Aja Frary as Stuntperson

Peter Epstein as Stuntperson

Will Cote as Stuntperson

Christiana Blain as Stuntperson

Mark Fichera as Stuntperson

Luis Moco as Stuntperson

Bryce Burke as Stuntperson

Scott Burik as Stuntperson

J. C. Robaina as Stuntperson

Chris Cenatiempo as Stuntperson

Shane Geraghty as Stuntperson

Christopher Place as Stuntperson

Bobby Beckles as Stuntperson

Mike Mitchell as Stuntperson

Chad Sayn as Stuntperson

Sharon Simms as Stuntperson

Craig Fraser as Stuntperson

Carol Jackson as Stuntperson

Gerald Paetz as Stuntperson

Jackie A. Greenbank as Stuntperson

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