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A Piece of Eden Cast

Released 2000

John D. Hancock = Director

John D. Hancock = Producer

Dean Jacobson = Associate Producer

Susan Willett = Associate Producer

Ken Kitch = Co-Producer

Robert J. Hiler = Executive Producer

Marc Grapey as Bob Tredici

Rebecca Harrell as Happy Buchanan

Robert Breuler as Franco Tredici

Irma St. Paule as Maria at 90

Tyne Daly as Aunt Aurelia

Andreas Katsulas as Giuseppe Tredici

Frederic Forrest as Paulo Tredici

Rengin Altay as Maria at 30

Tristan Rogers as Victor Hardwick

Marshall Efron as Andres

Jeff Puckett as Gregory Tredici

Julia Swart as Claire Tredici

Lara Phillips as TV Reporter

Jeannette Washluske as Nurse

James Ferguson as Teenage Franco

Tracy Lopresto as Bob's Mother

Jesse Giuliani as Young Franco

Kevin Hundt as Young Paulo

Annastecia Spano as Young Aurelia

Matthew T. Mender as Bob at 9

Kiva Wenig as Bob at 4

Brittany Miser as Nikki

Christian Porod as Anthony

Gabriel Escobedo as Farm Worker

Martín González as Farm Worker

José Vargas as Farm Worker

Roy Reyalado as Farm Worker

Beth Behler as Mr. Hardwick's Assistant

Mary Wagner as Mrs. Hofmeister

Claudette Harrison as Hofmeister Daughter

Glenn Hutchinson as Farm Salesman

Don Varda as Computer Delivery Man

Jim Quartuccio as Chauffeur

Brooks B. Barnes as Fish Truck Driver

Diana Glasgow as Shirley

Theresa Bowen as Female Fan

Colleen Davenport as Female Customer

Ted Grice as Male Customer

James R. Lewis as Big Jack Hurley

Jake Christner as Teenage Paulo

Brandi Keehn as Teenage Aurelia

Duke The Dog as Gator

Gary Jensen as Stuntperson

Ethan Jensen as Stuntperson

Ben Jensen as Stuntperson

Randy Popplewell as Stuntperson

Brian Riley as Helicopter Pilot

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