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The Pagemaster


Released 1994

Joe Johnston = Director

Maurice Hunt = Director

Michael R. Joyce = Producer

David Kirschner = Producer

Paul Gertz = Producer

Claire A. Glidden = Associate Producer

Roxy Novotny Steven = Associate Producer

David J. Steinberg = Co-Producer

Barry Weiss = Co-Producer

Macaulay Culkin as Richard Tyler

Canan J. Howell as Neighborhood Kid

Alexis Kirschner as Neighborhood Kid

Jessica Kirschner as Neighborhood Kid

Guy Mansker as Neighborhood Kid

Brandon S. McKay as Neighborhood Kid

Stephen Sheehan as Neighborhood Kid

Ed Begley Jr. as Alan Tyler

Mel Harris as Claire Tyler

Christopher Lloyd as Mr. Dewey & The Pagemaster

Patrick Stewart as Voice of Adventure

Whoopi Goldberg as Voice of Fantasy

Frank Welker as Voice of Horror

Leonard Nimoy as Voice of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

George Hearn as Voice of Captain Ahab

Dorian Harewood as Voice of Jamaican Pirates

Ed Gilbert as Voice of George Merry

Richard 'Dick' Erdman as Voice of Pirate

Fernando Escandon as Voice of Pirate

Robert Picardo as Voice of Pirate

Phil Hartman as Voice of Tom Morgan

Jim Cummings as Voice of Long John Silver

B. J. Ward as Voice of Queen of Hearts

Mickey Cassidy as Stuntperson

Brett A. Jones as Stuntperson

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