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The Parent Trap


Released 1961

David Swift = Director

Walt Disney = Producer

George Golitzen = Associate Producer

Hayley Mills as Susan Evers & Sharon McKendrick

Maureen O'Haran as Margaret 'Maggie' McKendrick

Brian Keith as Mitch Evers

Charles Ruggles as Charles McKendrick

Una Merkel as Verbena

Leo G. Carroll as Rev. Dr. Mosby

Joanna Barnes as Vicky Robinson

Cathleen Nesbitt as Louise McKendrick

Ruth McDevitt as Miss Inch

Crahan Denton as Hecky

Linda Watkins as Edna Robinson

Nancy Kulp as Miss Grunecker

Frank De Vol as Mr. Eaglewood

Kay Cole as Betsy, Sharon's Camp Inch roommate (uncredited)

John Mills as Mitch Evers' golf caddy (uncredited)

Irene Tedrow as Miss Lockness - the Housekeeper (uncredited)

Lynette Winter as Ursala, Camp Inch roomate (uncredited)

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