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The Parent Trap II


Released 1986

Ronald F. Maxwell = Director

Joan Barnett = Producer

Edward R. Horwitz = Associate Producer

Alan Landsburg = Executive Producer

Joan Barnett = Executive Producer

Hayley Mills as Susan Corey & Sharon Ferris

Tom Skerritt as Bill Grand

Carrie Kei Heim as Nikki Ferris

Bridgette Andersen as Mary Grand

Alex Harvey as Brian Corey

Gloria Cromwell as Florence

Judith Tannen as Jessica Dintruff

Janice Tesh as Irene

Duchess Tomasello as Mrs. Blazey

Daniel Brun as Steve

Antonio Fabrizio as Bruce

Ted Science as Kris

Margaret Woodall as Florist

Leonard Altobell as Walter Elias

Dorothy Keller as Lillian Elias

Terri Keever as Crystal

Nick Sloan as Wedding Guest (uncredited)

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