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The Parent Trap


Released 1998

Nancy Meyers = Director

Charles Shyer = Producer

Julie B. Crane = Associate Producer

Bruce A. Block = Co-Producer

Joanna Barnes as Vicki Blake

Lindsay Lohan as Hallie Parker & Annie James

Dennis Quaid as Nick Parker

Natasha Richardson as Elizabeth James

Elaine Hendrix as Meredith Blake

Lisa Ann Walter as Chessy

Simon Kunz as Martin

Polly Holliday as Marva Kulp, Sr.

Maggie Wheeler as Marva Kulp, Jr.

Ronnie Stevens as Grandpa Charles James

Erin Mackey as Hallie & Annie Acting Double

Hallie Meyers-Shyer as Lindsay

Maggie Emma Thomas as Zoe

Courtney Woods as Nicole

Katerina Graham as Jackie

Michael Lohan as Lost Boy at Camp

Rachel Sullivan as Navajo Bunk Girl

Katie DeShan as Navajo Bunk Girl

Brighton Hertford as Navajo Bunk Girl

Jennifer Lin as Navajo Bunk Girl

Amy Centner as Navajo Bunk Girl

Mia Tramz as Navajo Bunk Girl

Christina Toral as Cell Phone Girl

Brianne Mercier as Cell Phone Girl

Danielle Sherman as Girl at Poker Game

Natasha Melnick as Girl at Poker Game

Amanda Hampton as Girl at Poker Game

Lisa Iverson as Bugler

Lisa Cloud as Camp Counselor

Kellie Foster as Camp Counselor

Heidi Boren as Camp Counselor

Marissa Leigh as Fencing Girl

Heather Wayrock as Fencing Girl

John Atterbury as Gareth, James' Chauffeur

Hamish McColl as Photographer

Vendela K. Thomessen as Bridal Gown Model

Alexander Cole as Richard, Meredith's Assistant

J. Patrick McCormack as Les Blake

William Akey as Bellhop with Flowers

David Doty as Hotel Bartender

Roshanna Baron as Lady at Pool

Annie Meyers-Shyer as Towel Girl

Brian Fenwick as Desk Clerk

Jonneine Hellerstein as Ship Photographer

Regan Patno as Dennis Quaid's Dancing Double

Melanie Gage as Natasha Richardson's Dancing Double

Troy Christian as QE2 Dancer

Denise Holland as QE2 Dancer

Terry Kerr as Living Statue

Patricia Meyers as Tourist

Sis Bershad as Tourist

Bruce A. Block as Tourist

Dana Ponder as Cell Phone Girl (uncredited)

Chéri Ballinger as Blond camp girl (uncredited)

Casey Floresca as Poker Kid (uncredited)

Beau Holden as Valet (uncredited)

Ali Lohan as Child at Airport (uncredited)

Dina Lohan as Woman in Airport (uncredited)

Molly Mueller as Lohan Double (uncredited)

Gemma Rigg as Seamstress (uncredited)

Lindsay Challoner as Hallie/Annie Double

Stephanie Fischer as Hallie/Annie Double

Tara Chang as Fencing Double

Ronnie Wong as Fencing Double

Amanda Holm as Fencing Double

Lauren Walker as Fending Double

Bob Schoofs as Stand-in

Mary Bowers as Stand-in

Clair Chrysler as Stand-in

Harriet Preston as Stand-in

Sammy, the Dog as Bob

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