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The Patriot


Released 1998

Dean Semler = Director

Patrick D. Choi = Producer

Nile Niami = Producer

Howard Baldwin = Producer

Steven Seagal = Producer

Julius R. Nasso = Producer

Karen Elise Baldwin = Associate Producer

Phillip B. Goldfine = Associate Producer

Douglas Kahelemauna Nam = Associate Producer

Jeffrey J. Flach = Associate Producer

Doug Metzger = Co-Producer

Paul Mones = Co-Producer

Avram 'Butch' Kaplan = Executive Producer

Richard Cohen = Executive Producer

Victor Hwang = Executive Producer

Steven Seagal as Dr. Wesley McClaren

Gailard Sartain as Floyd Chisolm

L. Q. Jones as Frank

Silas Weir Mitchell as Pogue

Camilla Belle as Holly McClaren

Dan Beene as Dr. Richard Bach

Damon Collazo as Lt. Johnson

Whitney Yellow Robe as Dr. Ann White Cloud

Brad Leland as Big Bob

Molly McClure as Molly

Philip Winchester as Young Miltiaman

Douglas Sebern as Judge Tomkins

Ross Loney as Clem

Bernard O'Connor as Dr. Tom Hergot

Leonard Mountain Chief as Grandpa

R. J. Burns as Navy Captain

Robert Harvey as Col. Harvey

Ron Andrews as Radioman

Jeff Tillotson as Pvt. Benson

Don Peterson as T.S. Soldier #1

Cory Brown as T.S. Soldier #2

Tom Vanek as Roadblock Sentry

Scott Wetsel as FBI Agent

Dillinger Steele as Marshal

Gene E. Carlstrom as Old Rancher

Ayako (Fujitani) Seagal as McClaren's Assistant

Kelcie Beene as Holly's Friend #1

Callie Strozzi as Holly's Friend #2

Scott Duthie as ATF Agent (uncredited)

Dono Langley as Doctor (uncredited)

William David Paris as Helicopter Pilot

Robert 'Bobby Z' Zajonc as Helicopter Pilot

Mike Carisch as Helicopter Pilot

Julie Adair as Stuntperson

Melany Augure as Stuntperson

Joe Bucaro III as Stuntperson

Heather Burton as Stuntperson

Keith Campbell as Stuntperson

James M. Churchman as Stuntperson

Scott Duthie as Stuntperson

Paul Eliopoulos as Stuntperson

Dane Farwell as Stuntperson

Randy Hall as Stuntperson

John Hedges as Stuntperson

Diana Lee Inosanto as Stuntperson

James Kim as Stuntperson

Diana R. Lupo as Stuntperson

Gene McLaughlin as Stuntperson

Dave Meeker as Stuntperson

Judd Mulholland as Stuntperson

Pat Mulholland as Stuntperson

Eddie Olandi as Stuntperson

Steven Palmer as Stuntperson

Noel Phillips as Stuntperson

Jeff Podgurski as Stuntperson

Tim Rigby as Stuntperson

Troy Robinson as Stuntperson

Danny Rogers as Stuntperson

John Rottger as Stuntperson

Michael Runyard as Stuntperson

Jamie Ryan as Stuntperson

Nathan Siebring as Stuntperson

Luis J. Silva as Stuntperson

Cooper Taylor as Stuntperson

Matthew Taylor as Stuntperson

Byron Wilkerson as Stuntperson

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