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Paul Blart



Released 2009

Steve Carr = Director

Adam Sandler = Producer

Jack Giarraputo = Producer

Todd Garner = Producer

Kevin James = Producer

Barry Bernardi = Producer

Jason Taragan = Associate Producer

Gino Falsetto = Associate Producer

Jeff Sussman = Executive Producer

Kevin James as Paul Blart

Keir O'Donnell as Veck Sims

Jayma Mays as Amy

Raini Rodriguez as Maya Blart

Shirley Knight as Mom

Stephen Rannazzisi as Stuart

Peter Gerety as Chief Brooks

Bobby Cannavale as Commander Kent

Adam Ferrara as Sergeant Howard

Jamal Mixon as Leon

Adhir Kalyan as Pahud

Erick Avari as Vijay

Gary Valentine as Karaoke Singer

Allen Covert as Jerky Security Guy

Mike Vallely as Rudolph

Mike Escamilla as Blitzen

Jason Ellis as Prancer

Jason Packham as Comet

Rick Thorne as Cupid

Victor T. Lopez as Donner

Natascha Hopkins as Vixen

Jackie Sandler as Victoria's Secret Sales Assoc

Mookie Barker as Mr. Ferguson

Jackie Flynn as Officer

Richie Minervini as Bank Manager

Brie Hill Arbaugh as Bank Teller

Bernie McInerney as Old Man on Scooter

Steffiana De La Cruz as Shopper with Kids

Dylan Clark Marshall as Jacob

Tyler Spindel as SWAT Tech

Bas Rutten as Drill Instructor

Teresa Zantua as Shopper

Dahlia Salem as Mother

Zele Avradopoulos as Victoria's Secret Customer #1

Maria ArcÚ as Victoria's Secret Customer #2

Robert Harvey as SWAT Officer

Bill Concha as Joe's Patron #1

Michael Burton as Joe's Patron #2

Carl Randall as Father Carl

Carla Antonino as Joe's Waitress

Ruby Wendell as Ruby the Waitress

Antonia Kanischtscheff as Voice of Maya Blart (uncredited)

Eric Ryan as West Orange Police Officer (uncredited)

G. A. West as Security Guard & Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Cindi Alex as Upscale Shopper (uncredited)

Joel Arsenault as Mall Cop (uncredited)

Amber Baldinelli as Girl in Mall Throwing Play Balls (uncredited)

Ellen Becker-Gray as Mall Shopper & Wedding Guest (uncredited)

William Bornkesell as Shopper (uncredited)

Brian Bradbury as Joe's Drunk Bar Patron (uncredited)

Jodie Brunelle as Shopper (uncredited)

Katelyn Cahill as Wedding Guest & Dancer (uncredited)

Patrick Canty as New Jersey Police Academy Trainee (uncredited)

Gio Castellano as Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Chemi Che-Mponda as Mall Shopper & Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Desiree April Connolly as Christmas Shopper (uncredited)

Jeffrey Corazzini as Security Guard (uncredited)

D. W. Cormier as Mall shopper (uncredited)

Diane Curran as Christmas Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Kevin DeCoste as Shopper (uncredited)

Michael DeMello as Shopper (uncredited)

Hannah Depew as Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Vincent J. Earnshaw as Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Suzanne England as Amy's Friend at Joe's (uncredited)

Susan Farese as Upscale Shopper (uncredited)

Keith Fluker as NJ Trooper (uncredited)

Sari Gagnon as Mall Shopper (uncredited)

David J. Garfield as Surveillence Officer (uncredited)

Suzanne Gillies as High Fashion Shopper (uncredited)

Albert Gornie as Wedding guest (uncredited)

Rob W. Gray as Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Dane Grigas as Mall Patron (uncredited)

Sophya Gudelman as Shopper (uncredited)

Teresa Haney as Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Cody Harter as Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Patrick Mel Hayes as Shopper & Terrorist Victim (uncredited)

Matt Heron-Duranti as Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Mark Hetherington as Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Frankie Imbergamo as Usher (uncredited)

Haytham Kandil as Shopper (uncredited)

Seamus Knight as Extra (uncredited)

Victor Lopez as Donner (uncredited)

Dan Marshall as Mall Shopper & Dancing Bistro Waiter at Wedding (uncredited)

Adam Masnyk as Black Friday Shopper (uncredited)

Todd Mello as NJ Police Officer (uncredited)

Martin Montana as Police Recruit (uncredited)

Jason Mulcahy as Police Recruit (uncredited)

Ron Murphy as Man Walking Down Street in Dog Chase Scene (uncredited)

Scott Neufville as Bartender (uncredited)

Aaron J. Patton as Police Recruit (uncredited)

Kathleen Regan as Extra (uncredited)

Alan Resnic as Mall Patron (uncredited)

Brieann Rich as Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Michael Rich as Mall Game Shopper (uncredited)

Nicholas Rich as SWAT Team Member (uncredited)

Gary Roscoe as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)

Steve Scarfo as Police Officer (uncredited)

Cate Smit as William Sonoma Employee (uncredited)

Ylian Alfaro Snyder as Upscale Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Jon Robert Stafford as Mall shopper (uncredited)

Stream as Mall Shopper (uncredited)

George J. Vezina as Bar Patron & Shopper (uncredited)

Donald Warnock as Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Jon Warnock as Late-Night Mall Denizen (uncredited)

Mike Wendt as Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Kent R. Williams as Shopper (uncredited)

Matt Berkoski as Stuntperson

Jake Dewitt as Stuntperson

Jeffrey Lee Gibson as Stuntperson

Rosine Ace Hatem as Stuntperson

Randy Haynie as Stuntperson

Steve Mack as Stuntperson

Nicole Mayne as Stuntperson

Michael McGuire as Stuntperson

Courtney Schwartz as Stuntperson

Jason Shupe as Stuntperson

Anthony Vincent as Stuntperson

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