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The Perfect Storm


Released 2000

Wolfgang Petersen = Director

Paula Weinstein = Producer

Wolfgang Petersen = Producer

Gail Katz = Producer

Alan B. Curtiss = Associate Producer

Brian McNulty = Associate Producer

Barry Levinson = Executive Producer

Duncan Henderson = Executive Producer

George Clooney as Capt. Billy Tyne

Mark Wahlberg as Bobby Shatford

John C. Reilly as Dale 'Murph' Murphy

Diane Lane as Christina Cotter

William Fichtner as David 'Sully' Sullivan

John Hawkes as Mike 'Bugsy' Moran

Allen Payne as Alfred Pierre

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Linda Greenlaw

Karen Allen as Melissa Brown

Cherry Jones as Edie Bailey

Bob Gunton as Alexander McAnally III

Christopher McDonald as Todd Gross

Michael Ironside as Bob Brown

Rusty Schwimmer as Irene 'Big Red' Johnson

Janet Wright as Ethel Shatford

Dash Mihok as Sgt. Jeremy Mitchell

Josh Hopkins as Capt. Darryl Ennis

Todd Kimsey as Lt. Rob Pettit

Chris Palermo as Flight Engineer Borgers

Wiley M. Pickett as Sgt. Millard Jones

Hayden Tank as Dale Murphy, Jr.

Merle Kennedy as Debra Murphy, Murph's Ex-Wife

Jennifer Sommerfield as Alfred Pierre's Girlfriend

Joseph D. Reitman as Douglas Kosco

Sandy Ward as Quentin, The Old Timer

Melissa Samuels as Pam, Todd Gross' Assistant

Steven Barr as Commander Brudnicki

J. Scott Shonka as Communications Officer

Patrick Foley as Falcon Jet Pilot

Lloyd Malone as Falcon Jet Co-Pilot

Billy Mayo as C-130 Pilot

Mark Adams as C-130 Co-Pilot

Tim Trotman as C-130 Navigator

Barry Rutstein as C-130 Engineer

Patrick Stinson as TV Newscaster #1

Terry Anzur as TV Newscaster #2

Katelyn C. Brown as Carrot Top Kid #1

Miles Schneider as Carrot Top Kid #2

James Lee as Helmsman

Jim Argenbright as Quartermaster

Michael Spaseff as Lookout

Walter Altman as Bartender (uncredited)

Janet Borgman as Church Parishioner (uncredited)

Jeffrey Corazzini as Coast Guard Rescue Unit (uncredited)

Tim Cowgill as Crow's Nest Patron (uncredited)

Elizabeth Duff as Billy Tyne's Ex-Wife (uncredited)

Matt Duggan as Crow's Nest Patron (uncredited)

Alan Francis as Assistant Medical Examiner (uncredited)

Sebastian Junger as Crow's Nest Patron (uncredited)

Ariane Von Kamp as Crow's Nest Pool Player (uncredited)

Edmund Loughlin as Local (uncredited)

Bruce Mahler as Mr. Moss (uncredited)

Brad Martin as Gloucester Fisherman #1 (uncredited)

Kevin McNamara as Coast Guard Sailor (uncredited)

Ken Parham as Fisherman in Bar (uncredited)

Marcio Rosario as Pool Player (uncredited)

Mike Swanson as Police Photographer (uncredited)

Alex Martinez Wallace as Person at Funeral (uncredited)

Brian Avery as Stuntperson

Richard L. Blackwell as Stuntperson

Robin Lynn Bonaccorsi as Stuntperson

Joey Box as Stuntperson

Michael T. Brady as Stuntperson

Richard L. Bucher as Stuntperson

Mark Chadwick as Stuntperson

Jacob Chambers as Stuntperson

Eliza Coleman as Stuntperson

J. Mark Donaldson as Stuntperson

Dana Dru Evenson as Stuntperson

Jimmy Hart as Stuntperson

John Hateley as Stuntperson

Mark A. Hicks as Stuntperson

Mickey Giacomazzi as Stuntperson

Sean Graham as Stuntperson

Terry Jackson as Stuntperson

Billy S. Judkins as Stuntperson

David Kilde as Stuntperson

Kurt D. Lott as Stuntperson

Brad Martin as Stuntperson

Harry L. O'Connor as Stuntperson

Christopher R. O'Hara as Stuntperson

Tim Rigby as Stuntperson

James Ryan .... stunts (as Jamie Ryan)

Brandon Sebek as Stuntperson

Paul Sherrod as Stuntperson

Mark Stefanich as Stuntperson

Peter Turner as Stuntperson

Jennifer Hunt Watson(-Johnston) as Stuntperson

George P. Wilbur as Stuntperson

Keith Woulard as Stuntperson

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