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Peter Pan


Released 2003

P. J. Hogan = Director

Lucy Fisher = Producer

Douglas Wick = Producer

Patrick McCormick = Producer

Gloria S. Borders = Associate Producer

Ellen M. Somers = Associate Producer

Charles Newirth = Co-Executive Producer

Gary Adelson = Co-Producer

Craig Baumgarten = Co-Producer

Stephen Jones = Co-Producer

Mohamed Al-Fayed = Executive Producer

Gail Lyon = Executive Producer

Jocelyn Moorhouse = Executive Producer

Jason Isaacs as Mr. Darling & Captain Hook

Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan

Rachel Hurd-Wood as Wendy Darling

Lynn Redgrave as Aunt Millicent

Richard Briers as Smee

Olivia Williams as Mrs. Darling

Geoffrey Palmer as Sir Edward Quiller Couch

Harry Newell as John Darling

Freddie Popplewell as Michael Darling

Ludivine Sagnier as Tinker Bell

Theodore Chester as Slightly, Lost Boy

Rupert Simonian as Tootles, Lost Boy

Harry Eden as Nibs, Lost Boy

George MacKay as Curly, Lost Boy

Patrick Gooch as Twin, Lost Boy

Lachlan Gooch as Twin, Lost Boy

Carsen Gray as Tiger Lily

Maggie Dence as Lady Quiller Couch

Kerry Walker as Miss Fulsom

Mathew Waters as Messenger Boy

Alan Cinis as Skylights

Frank Whitten as Starkey

Bruce Spence as Cookson

Daniel Wyllie as Alf Mason

Brian Carbee as Albino

Don Battee as Giant Pirate

Frank Gallacher as Alsation Fogarty

Septimus Caton as Noodler

Jacob Tomuri as Bill Jukes

Venant Wong as Quang Lee

Phil Meacham as Bollard

Darren Mitchell as Mullins

Michael Roughan as Cecco

Bill Kerr as Fairy Guide

Celeste MacIlwaine as Sleeping Child

Spike Hogan as Sleeping Child

Patrick Hurd-Wood as Sleeping Child

Brooke Duncan as Sleeping Child

Themora Bourne as Sleeping Child

Alexander Bourne as Sleeping Child

Bruce Myles as Bank Manager

Maya Barnaby as Mermaid

Tory Mussett as Mermaid

Ursula Mills as Mermaid

Nadia Pirini as Mermaid

Vij Kaewsanan as Mermaid

Janet Strauss as Medicine Woman

Sam Morely as Fairy Bride

Brendan Shambrook as Fairy Groom

Saffron Burrows as Voice of Story Narrator

Rebel as Nana

Steve Harman as Stunt Double for Mr. Issacs

Daniel McBurnie as Stunt Double for Mr. Sumpter

Bonnie Morgan as Stunt Double for Ms Hard-Wood

Brad Buckley as Stuntperson

Harley D'Jekic as Stuntperson

Kyle Gardiner as Stuntperson

Holly Graham as Stuntperson

Arthur Hoadley as Stuntperson

Angela Moore as Stuntperson

Gary Morgan as Stuntperson

Scott O'Donnell as Stuntperson

Andy Owen as Stuntperson

Jesse Phillips as Stuntperson

Mike Roughan as Stuntperson

Yasca Sinigaglia as Stuntperson

Greg Skipper as Stuntperson

Darko Tuskan as Stuntperson

Mark Van Morsel as Stuntperson

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