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Peter Pan


Released 1953

Hamilton Luske = Director

Clyde Geronimi = Director

Wilfred Jackson = Director

Walt Disney = Producer

Bobby Driscoll as Voice of Peter Pan

Kathryn Beaumont as Voice of Wendy Darling

Hans Conried as Voices of Captain Hook & Mr. Darling

Bill Thompson as Voices of Mr. Smee & Other Pirates

Heather Angel as Voice of Mrs. Darling

Paul Collins as Voice of John Darling

Tommy Luske as Voice of Michael Darling

Candy Candido as Voice of Indian Chief

Tom Conway as Voice of Narrator

Roland Dupree as Voice

Don Barclay as Voice

Tony Butala as Voice of Lost Boy (uncredited)

Carol Coombs as Voice (uncredited)

Robert Ellis as Voice of Lost Boy (uncredited)

June Foray as Voices of Mermaid & Squaw (uncredited)

Connie Hilton as Voice of Mermaid (uncredited)

Margaret Kerry as Voice of Mermaid (uncredited)

Karen Kester as Voice (uncredited)

Johnny McGovern as Voice of Lost Boy (uncredited)

Norma Jean Nilsson as Voice (uncredited)

Thurl Ravenscroft as Chorus Singer (uncredited)

Jeffrey Silver as Voice of Lost Boy (uncredited)

Stuffy Singer as Voice of Lost Boy (uncredited)

Anne Whitfield as Voice (uncredited)

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