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Pete's Dragon


Released 1977

Don Chaffey = Director

Ron Miller = Producer

Jerome Courtland = Producer

Helen Reddy as Nora

Jim Dale as Dr. Terminus

Mickey Rooney as Lampie

Red Buttons as Hoagy

Shelley Winters as Lena Gogan

Sean Marshall as Pete

Jane Kean as Miss Taylor

Jim Backus as The Mayor

Charles Tyner as Merle

Gary Morgan as Grover

Jeff Conaway as Willie

Cal Bartlett as Paul

Charlie Callas as Voice of Elliott

Walter Barnes as Captain

Al Checco as Fisherman #1

Henry Slate as Fisherman #2

Jack Collins as Fisherman #3

Robert Easton as Store Proprietor

Roger Price as Man with Visor

Robert Foulk as Old Sea Captain

Ben Wrigley as Egg Man

Joe Ross as Cement Man

Debbie Fresh as Child, Dancer & Singer (uncredited)

Roxanne 'Rocky' Meyers as Townsperson & Dancer (uncredited)

Dinah Anne Rogers as Townsperson (uncredited)

Dennis Stewart as Fisherman (uncredited)

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