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The Phantom


Released 2009

Paolo Barzman = Director

Irene Litinsky = Producer

Michael Prupas = Executive Producer

Robert Halmi Sr. = Executive Producer

Robert Halmi Jr. = Executive Producer

Ryan Carnes as Chris Moore, Kit Walker & The Phantom

Sandrine Holt as Guran

Jean Marchand as Abel Vandermaark

Cameron Goodman as Renny Davidson

Isabella Rossellini as Dr. Bella Lithia

Ron Lea as Detective Sgt. Sean Davidson

Cas Anvar as Rhatib Singh

Ivan Smith as Dr. Deepak Baboor

Victor Andres Turgeon-Trelles as Jordi Acevedo

Seydina Balde as Jacquot & Jeannot Roux

Luis Oliva as Dr. Jason Kim

Danette Mackay as Nina Alexandra Holliston

Anthony Lemke as Detective Clark Ellis

Julian Tassielli as Jalil Ben-David

Trevor Hayes as Peter Lindford

Ellen David as Pam Moore

Al Goulem as Frank Moore

Stephane Demers as Stephan McDowell

Vlasta Vrana as Medical Examiner

Al Dubois as TV Anchor

Oria Johannes as TV Anchorwoman

Ian Finlay as TV Reporter

Mark Raphael as Tivkom Tech #1

Robert Crooks as Tommy Chin

Isaac Bellemare as Kit Walker, 4 years old

Cary Lawrence as Diana Walker

Zhenhu Han as Hidaka

Valerie Wiseman as Singh's Secretary

Lorne Brass as Sven Johanssen

Patrick Costello as Trevor Law

Patricia McKenzie as Anna Cooper

Paula Jean Hixson as Bethany Ann Gardner

Adam Bramble as DeWilde

Andrew Simms as Dale Everby

Richard Stoica as Barista

Sylvain Landry as EMT, Male Partner

Don Anderson as William Manchester

Rick Shinkoda as Bandar Shaman

Faith Kerner as Little Tribal Girl

Keir Cutler as Agent

Gabriel Brown as Police Officer

Eloi Archambaudion as Personnel Clerk

Craig Thomas as Cop #1

Millie Tresierra as Female Reporter

Eric Davis as Tivkom Lab Technician

Vito Defilippo as Utility Man

Tyler Hall as Singh Agent #1

Jason McDonald as Stand-in

France Raymond as Stand-in

Miguel Dugal as Stand-in

Herve Desbois as Stand-in

Marc-Andre Brisebois as Stunt Double

Seydina Balde as Stunt Double

Alain Berard as Stunt Double

Francois Gauthier as Stunt Double

Thomas Liccionni as Stunt Double

Pascal Lecurieux as Stunt Double

Van Lecompte as Stunt Double

Stephane Julian as Stunt Double

Patrick Kerton as Stunt Double

Matheiu Ledoux as Stunt Double

Kevin Kelsall as Stunt Double

Helen Stranzl as Stunt Double

Benoit Gauthier as Stunt Double

Mike Scherer as Stunt Double

Gilbert Larose Jr. as Stunt Double

Helena Laliberte as Stunt Double

Dave McKeown as Stunt Double

Jason Cavalier as Stunt Double

Lee Villeneuve as Stunt Double

Pierre Demont as Stunt Double

Alexandre Prefontiane as Stunt Double

Alian Chou as Stunt Double

Alex Cadieux as Stunt Double

Peter Seaborne as Stunt Double

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