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The Pink Panther 2


Released 2009

Harald Zwart = Director

Robert Simonds = Producer

Ira Shuman = Executive Producer

Shawn Levy = Executive Producer

Steve Martin as Insp. Clouseau

Jean Reno as Ponton

Emily Mortimer as Nicole

Andy Garcia as Vicenzo

Alfred Molina as Pepperidge

Yuki Matsuzaki as Kenji

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Sonia

John Cleese as Dreyfus

Lily Tomlin as Mrs. Berenger

Jeremy Irons as Avellaneda

Johnny Hallyday as Milliken

Geoffrey Palmer as Joubert

Philip Goodwin as Renard

Armel Bellec as Louis

Jack Metzger as Antoine

Eugene Lazarev as The Pope

Lewis D. Wheeler as Black Beret

Richard LaFrance as Security Installer

Simon Green as British Librarian

Federico Castelluccio as Turin Guide

Abe Lee Tsunenori as Japanese Policeman

Jimmy May (Harold Chin) as Japanese Curator

Harry Van Gorkum as Ticketed Driver

Michael Allosso as Maitre D'

Zofia Moreno as Reporter

Alexis Furic as Reporter

Réna Kano as Reporter

Jonathan Dino as Reporter

Sharon Tay as Newscaster

Thomas Derrah as Guard

Joshua R. Roberts as Cameraman

Christy Scott Cashman as Joubert's Secretary

Joe Drago as Archbishop at Wedding

Oscar Valero as Flamenco Dancer

Omayra Amaya as Flamenco Dancer

Lia Ochoa as Flamenco Dancer

Francesco Romano as Voice (uncredited)

Linda Sans as Voice (uncredited)

Christiane Amanpour as Herself (uncredited)

Brian Bradbury as Gendarmerie Detective (uncredited)

Eamon Brooks as Black Beret (uncredited)

Jodie Brunelle as Upscale Restaurant Patron (uncredited)

Hélène Cardona as Voice of Reporter (uncredited)

Chemi Che-Mponda as African Traveler (uncredited)

Lisa Cohen as Fainting Nun (uncredited)

Desiree April Connolly as Museum Goer (uncredited)

Richard DeAgazio as Italian Ambassador (uncredited)

Damien Di Paola as French Chef (uncredited)

Sean Patrick Doherty as General (uncredited)

Jeff DuJardin as French Policeman (uncredited)

Vincent J. Earnshaw as Int'l Banquet Guest (uncredited)

Tom Gilligan as Pastry Chef (uncredited)

Jennifer Gjulameti as Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Steven Howitt as Truck driver (uncredited)

Frankie Imbergamo as Int'l Banquet Guest (uncredited)

Kimmie Johnson as Japanese Tourist (uncredited)

Kate Jurdi as Mrs. Ponton (uncredited)

Haytham Kandil as Waiter (uncredited)

Dan Marshall as Matador & Flamenco Dancer Bribed by

Insp. Clouseau (uncredited)

Robert Masiello as Patron Rome Cafe (uncredited)

Peggy McClellan as Museum Tourist (uncredited)

Tarek Moussa as Italian Waiter (uncredited)

Giovanni Pantaleo as Italian News Reporter (uncredited)

Alan Resnic as Parisian Customer (uncredited)

Jaime De La Rosa as Spanish Dignitary (uncredited)

Steve Scarfo as Pastry Chef (uncredited)

Mike Wendt as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)

Adam Zalt as Gendarmerie, Patron & Waiter (uncredited)

Chris Barnes as Stuntperson

Alex Chansky as Stuntperson

Chris Colombo as Stuntperson

John Dixon as Stuntperson

Norman Douglass as Stuntperson

Tim Gallin as Stuntperson

Tom Harper as Stuntperson

Ian Mclaughlin as Stuntperson

Luis Moco as Stuntperson

Frank Moody as Stuntperson

Jane Oshita as Stuntperson

Shannon Jade Quon as Stuntperson

David Schultz as Stuntperson

Courtney Schwartz as Stuntperson

D. J. Surgent as Stuntperson

Aaron Vexler as Stuntperson

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