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The Pink Panther


Released 2006

Shawn Levy = Director

Robert Simonds = Producer

Ira Shuman = Executive Producer

Tracey Trench = Executive Producer

Steve Martin as Insp. Clouseau

Kevin Kline as Dreyfus

Jean Reno as Ponton

Emily Mortimer as Nicole

Henry Czerny as Yuri

Kristin Chenoweth as Cherie

Roger Rees as Larocque

Beyoncé Knowles as Xania

Philip Goodwin as Deputy Chief Renard

Henri Garcin as President

William Abadie as Bizu

Daniel Sauli as Music Producer

Jean Dell as Justice Minister Clochard

Anna Katarina as Agent Corbeille

Nick Toren as Agent Savard

Sally Leung Bayer as Yu, Chinese Woman

Charlotte Maier as Dialect Instructor

Stéphane Boucher as Security Agent

Radu Spinghel as Huang

Scott Adkins as French Footballer

Yan-Sang Roussel as Dr. Pang

Boris McGiver as Vainqueur

Stephen Rowe as Black Market Jeweler

Alice Taglioni as Female Reporter

Gregory Salata as Security Chief

Stefan Elbaum as Male Reporter

Charley Fouquet as Palais Reporter

Robbie Nock as TV News Anchor

John Cenatiempo as Thug in Alley

Chuck Jeffreys as Thug in Alley

Aaron Vexler as Thug in Alley

Andrew Tarbet as TSA Agent

Dexter Bell as X-Ray Technician

Kristi Angus as Mysterious Woman

Stephen Park as Palace Guard

Aaron Pearl as K9 Guard

Sean Tyson as National Guard

Chelah Horsdal as Security Guard

Lucas Tavernier as Street Reporter

Mareva Galanter as Street Reporter

Delphine Chanéac as Ticket Checker

Ralph Drishell as Wheelchair Guy

Chad Gabriel as Hotel Desk Clerk

Antoine Blanquefort as Ballroom Reporter

Yvonne Sciò as Casino Waitress

Rick Jaeckel as Dealer

Za'kari A. Asher as Dancer

Renece Fincher as Dancer

Stewart Castledine as French Goalie

Davidé Borella as Gas-Mask Bandit

Patrick Anderson as NYC Firefighter (uncredited)

David Boston as Blackjack Dealer (uncredited)

Dominick Cicco as Pedestrian (uncredited)

Amir Darvish as Arab (uncredited)

Monty C. Floyd as Waldorf Door Man (uncredited)

Thomas Ho as Chinese Footballer (uncredited)

Arnaud Klein as Policeman (uncredited)

Paul Korda as Pierre Fuquette (uncredited)

Jacqueline Lovell as Waitress (uncredited)

Tyson Mao as Extra in Chinese Press Box (uncredited)

Susan McBrien as Strolling Pedestrian (uncredited)

John Molinelli as Overweight Man & Gambler (uncredited)

Eric Moreau as Republican Guard (uncredited)

Clive Owen as Nigel Boswell & Agent 006 (uncredited)

Aleksandrs Petukhovs as Policeman (uncredited)

Americo Presciutti as Croupier (uncredited)

Marc Raco as Sneezing Man on Airplane (uncredited)

Sam Reich as Eurotrash (uncredited)

Marty Eli Schwartz as Maintenance (uncredited)

Kenny Shapiro as Kissing Couple in Airplane Bathroom (uncredited)

Jason Statham as Yves Gluant (uncredited)

Colleen Sturtevant as Passenger at JFK (uncredited)

Mira Tzur as Escort (uncredited)

Alexander von Roon as French Townsman #1 (uncredited)

Kenji Watanabe as Chinese Footballer (uncredited)

Kevin Watson as Plumber (uncredited)

Colleen Werthmann as Jane (uncredited)

Kyle Willshire as Man in Line for Bathroom on Airplane (uncredited)

Jadin Wong as Granny (uncredited)

Marc Yarrish as Inmate (uncredited)

Tim Gallin as Stunt Double for Steve Martin

Christiana Blain as Stuntperson

Blaise Corrigan as Stuntperson

Douglas Crosby as Stuntperson

Allan Bragg as Steve Martin's Stand-in

Michael Fawcett as Kevin Kline's Stand-in

Pete Macnamara as Jean Reno's Stand-in

Erica Bynum as Beyonce Knowles' Stand-in

Daniel Vérité as Stunt Double for Steve Martin, Paris

Laurent Champin as Stunt Double for Kevin Kline, Paris

Herve Varenne as Stunt Double for Jean Reno, Paris

Cyrille Hertel as Cyclist: Paris

Thierry Saelens as Stuntperson, Paris

Bernard Chevreul as Stuntperson, Paris

Roland Neunreuther as Stuntperson, Paris

Catherine Robert as Stuntperson, Paris

Sophie Ribard-Laniel as Stuntperson, Paris

Nils Delagarde as Car Stuntperson, Paris

Gilles Cappelletto as Car Stuntperson, Paris

Loïc Saintilan as Car Stuntperson, Paris

Alain Guerillot as Car Stuntperson, Paris

Michel Romestaing as Precision Driver, Paris

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