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The Adventures of



Released 1996

Steve Barron = Director

Raju Patel = Producer

Jeffrey M. Sneller = Producer

Lawrence Mortorff = Co-Executive Producer

Michael MacDonald = Co-Producer

Tim Hampton = Co-Producer

Stacey Attanasio = Co-Producer

Edward Simons = Co-Producer

Samuel Hadida = Co-Producer

Dieter Geissler = Co-Producer

Sharad Patel = Executive Producer

Robert N. Fried = Executive Producer

Peter Locke = Executive Producer

Donald Kushner = Executive Producer

Martin Landau as Geppetto

Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Voice of & Pinocchio

Genevičve Bujold as Leona

Udo Kier as Lorenzini

Bebe Neuwirth as Felinet

Rob Schneider as Volpe

Corey Carrier as Lampwick

Marcello Magni as Pastry Shop Baker

Dawn French as Baker's Wife

Richard Claxton as Saleo

Griff Rhys Jones as Tino

John Sessions as Professor

Jean-Claude Drouot as Magistrate

Jean-Claude Dreyfus as Foreman

Teco Celio as Henchman

Wilfred Benaďche as Henchman

Erik Averlont as Zito

David Doyle as Voice of Pepe the Cricket

Vladimir Koval as Luigi

Daniela Tolkien as Lampwick's Mother

Anita Zagaria as Luigi's Wife

Lilian Malkina as Woman in Laundry

Václav Vydra as Infantino Father

Petr Bednar as Growling Father

Stefan Weclawek as Infantino

Zdenek Podhurský as Cabineer

Jirí Kvasnický as Cabineer

Gorden Lovitt as Big One Attendant

Jan Slovák as Butler

Dean Cook as Boy with Red Ball

Joe Swash as Fighting Boy

Oliver Barron as Boy

Jake Court as Boy

Luke DeLeon as Boy

Kevin Dorsey as Boy

Thomas Orange as Boy

Sean Woodward as Boy

Jirí Patocka as Man with Donkey

Lida Vlaskova as Woman in Bakery

Pavel Kocí as Puppeteer

Jerry Hadley as Voice of The Supreme Judge (uncredited)

Gary Martin as Voice of Giant in Play (uncredited)

Brian May as Voices of Massed Peasant Chorus & Chamberlain (uncredited)

Spencer Proffer as Voice of Serf (uncredited)

Peter Malandrone as Voice of Serf (uncredited)

Justin Shirley-Smith as Voice of Serf (uncredited)

Jim Beach as Voice of Unseen Aristocracy (uncredited)

Julie Glover as Voice of Unseen Aristocracy (uncredited)

Peter Locke as Voice of Unseen Aristocracy (uncredited)

Robert Lee as Voice of Unseen Aristocracy (uncredited)

Suzanne DuBarry as Voice of Unseen Aristocracy (uncredited)

Claudia Vaseková as Puppeteer II (uncredited)

Mak Wilson as Principal Puppeteer

Robert Tygner as Principal Puppeteer

Michelan Sisti as Principal Puppeteer

Bruce Lanoil as Principal Puppeteer

William Todd-Jones as Principal Puppeteer

Ian Tregonning as Principal Puppeteer

Peter Hurst as Assistant Puppeteer

Gillie Robic as Assistant Puppeteer

Susan Dacre as Assistant Puppeteer

Phil Woodfine as Assistant Puppeteer

Christophe Albertini as Puppeteer

Sylvie Allard as Puppeteer

Tamar Baruch as Puppeteer

Craig Crane as Puppeteer

Pascal Mesnier as Puppeteer

Michael Cella as Mr. Landau Stand-in

Pavel Cajzl as Mr. Landau Stand-in

Gemma Barron as Mr. Thomas Stand-in

Petar Buntic as Stunt Double

Martina Vajdoher as Stunt Double

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