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Released 1940

Bill Roberts = Sequence Director

Norman Ferguson = Sequence Director

Jack Kinney = Sequence Director

Wilfred Jackson = Sequence Director

T. Hee = Sequence Director

Ben Sharpsteen = Supervising Director

Hamilton Luske = Supervising Director

Walt Disney = Producer

Mel Blanc as Voice of Gideon (uncredited)

Don Brodie as Voice of Carnival Barkers (uncredited)

Walter Catlett as Voice of J. Worthington Foulfellow (uncredited)

Marion Darlington as Voice of Birds (uncredited)

Frankie Darro as Voice of Lampwick (uncredited)

Cliff Edwards as Voice of Jiminy Cricket (uncredited)

Dickie Jones as Voice of Pinocchio (uncredited)

Charles Judels as Voices of Stromboli & The Coachman (uncredited)

Jack Mercer as Voice of Rough House Statue (uncredited) (unconfirmed)

Patricia Page as Voice of Marionettes (uncredited)

Christian Rub as Voice of Geppetto (uncredited)

Evelyn Venable as Voice of The Blue Fairy (uncredited)

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