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Planet 51


Released 2009

Jorge Blanco = Director

Javier Abad = Co-Director

Marcos Martínez = Co-Director

Ignacio Pérez Dolset = Producer

Guy Collins = Producer

Thomas D. Adelman = Associate Producer

Juan Antonio Pérez Ramírez = Executive Producer

Peter D. Graves = Executive Producer

Michael Ryan = Executive Producer

Jose A. Rodriguez Diaz = Executive Producer

Javier Pérez Dolset = Executive Producer

Albie Hecht = Executive Producer

Patrick Meehan = Executive Producer

Mercedes Gamero = Executive Producer

Mercedes Rey = Executive Producer

Stephen Margolis = Executive Producer

Ricardo García Arrojo = Executive Producer

Albert Martinez Martin = Executive Producer

Dwayne Johnson as Voice of Captain Charles T. Baker

Jessica Biel as Voice of Neera

Justin Long as Voice of Lem

Gary Oldman as Voice of General Grawl

Seann William Scott as Voice of Skiff

John Cleese as Voice of Professor Kipple

Freddie Benedict as Voice of Eckle

Alan Marriott as Voice of Glar

Mathew Horne as Voice of Soldier Vesklin

James Corden as Voice of Soldier Vernkot

Lewis Macleod as Additional Voice

Rupert Degas as Additional Voice

Rebecca Front as Additional Voice

Vincent Marzello as Additional Voice

Emma Tate as Additional Voice

Pete Atkin as Additional Voice

Laurence Bouvard as Additional Voice

Brian Bowles as Additional Voice

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