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Pocket Ninjas


Released 1997

Dave Eddy = Director

Richard Rabago = Associate Producer

Suzanne DeLaurentiis = Associate Producer

Dave Eddy = Co-Producer

David Hue = Executive Producer

Robert Z'Dar as Cobra Khan

Sondi as Tanya

Brad Bufanda as Steve

Joseph Valencia as Damien

Gary Daniels as The White Dragon

Mel Novak as Mr. Kaufman

Rick Rabago as Cubby Khan

Lelagi 'Butch' Togisala as Slag

Suzanne Hennigar as Suzanne Simmons

Richard Rabago as Spike

Donna Simoneau as Harpy & Amy

Ron Hall as Black Knight & Commando Dragon

Chris Ford as Blue Ninja & White Dragon Stunt Double

Hedi Catlin as Newscaster

Charlotte Leslie as Mother

Scott Faris as Son

Luther Yee as Mr. Moto

Senosa Togisala as Store Owner

Tony Valiente as Theatre Patron

Kim Carter as Theatre Patron

William G. Villegas as Clown

Diane Carroll as Clown

Erin Harvey as Police Officer

Charles Beckman as Police Officer

Keri Sutman as Schoolgirl

Nadia Nassar as Schoolgirl

Kerisha Revis as Schoolgirl

Tommy Giavocchini as Narrator

Jon Anderson as Stinger

Joe Hanlin as Stinger

Alexa Cozette as Stinger

Romeo Herrera as Stinger

David Dick as Stinger

David Loo as Stinger & Stuntperson

Kent Ducanon as Stinger & Fire Burn &

Car Roll Over Stuntperson

Michael Mills as Stinger

Juliet Eriksson as Stinger

Greg Saterfield as Stinger

Holly Handley as Stinger

Joe Sloan as Stinger

Daryl Watanuki as Stinger & Stuntperson

Kazja as Stuntperson

Travis Mitchell as Stuntperson

Jena Sasaki as Stuntperson

Mary Sum as Stuntperson

Michael Bruner as Black Dragon Stunt Double

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