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Released 1987

John McTiernan = Director

Lawrence Gordon = Producer

Joel Silver = Producer

John Davis = Producer

Beau E. L. Marks = Associate Producer

John Vallone = Associate Producer

Laurence P. Pereira = Executive Producer

Jim Thomas = Executive Producer

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Major Alan 'Dutch' Schaeffer

Carl Weathers as Major George Dillon

Elpidia Carrillo as Anna

Bill Duke as Sergeant 'Mac' Eliot

Jesse Ventura as Blain

Sonny Landham as Billy

Richard Chaves as Poncho Ramirez

R. G. Armstrong as General Phillips

Shane Black as Hawkins

Kevin Peter Hall as The Predator/End Helicopter Pilot

Steve Boyum as Hostage Executed by the Russian (uncredited)

William H. Burton as Man Shot Down from Tree (uncredited)

Peter Cullen as Voice of The Predator (uncredited)

Henry Kingi as Guerilla Soldier Blown Up in Van (uncredited)

Sven-Ole Thorsen as Russian Officer (uncredited)

Gregory J. Barnett as Stuntperson

Leon Delaney as Stuntperson

Bobby Bass as Stuntperson

David Drazes as Stuntperson

Gary Baxley as Stuntperson

David Efron as Stuntperson

Steve Boyum as Stuntperson

Richard Humphreys as Stuntperson

Jophery C. Brown as Stuntperson

Norman Howell as Stuntperson

Tony Brubaker as Stuntperson

Peter Kent as Stuntperson

William H. Burton as Stuntperson

Henry Kingi as Stuntperson

Steven Chambers as Stuntperson

Joel Kramer as Stuntperson

Doug Coleman as Stuntperson

Jack Verbois as Stuntperson

Manuel Benítez as Additional Stuntperson

Raúl Martínez as Additional Stuntperson

Alejandro de la Peña as Additional Stuntperson

Gabriela Moreno as Additional Stuntperson

Ángel de la Peña (García) as Additional Stuntperson

Gerardo Moreno (Albarrán) as Additional Stuntperson

Mauricio Martínez as Additional Stuntperson

Noe Rolando Smith as Additional Stuntperson

Eric Valdez as Additional Stuntperson

Peter J. McKernan Jr. as Helicopter Pilot

Michael E. Tamburro as Helicopter Pilot

Charles A. Tamburro as Helicopter Pilot

Alejandro Madrid Bonilla as Helicopter Pilot

Guillermo Saavedra as Helicopter Pilot

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