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The President's Man


Released 2000

Eric Norris = Director (uncredited)

Michael Preece = Director

Garry A. Brown = Producer

Michael T. Elias = Associate Producer

Bob Gookin = Co-Executive Producer

Chuck Norris = Executive Producer

Aaron Norris = Executive Producer

Chuck Norris as Joshua McCord

Dylan Neal as Deke Slater

Jennifer Tung as Que

Soon-Tek Oh as General Vinh Tran

Jonathan Nichols as Player

Marla Adams as First Lady Matthews

Adam G. as Player

Brigitta Dau as Player

Ralph Waite as President Mathews

Stuart Whitman as George Williams

Patrick Amos as Dobson

Ariel Chipman as Terry Anderson

Mark Dalton as Delta Force Man #1

Johnny Echavarria as Man

Ken Farmer as Judge

Robert Flanagan as Seal #1

Jeff Grays as Secret Service Agent #1

Desmon Heck as Darrel

Shane Hendrix as Tony

Bruce Hermans as Lawrence Southern

Rachel Kelly as Cathy

Dan Kern as Douglas Wetherby

David Kroll as Secret Service Agent #3

Jake (Pavelka) Landrum as Young Joshua McCord

Cherami Leigh as Stacy Anderson

Marcus M. Mauldin as Beiruit

Sean McGraw as Harvey

Matt Murdock as Skunk

Roderick Peeples as Bo

Diane Perella as Diane

Rick Prieto as Lobo

Greg Ricks as Dr. Francis Anderson

Josh Ridgway as Stuart

Melinda (Renna) Ramos as Teacher (uncredited)

Morgana Shaw as Donna Anderson (uncredited)

Ed Spila as Burroughs (uncredited)

Michelle Thompson as Maid & Terrorist (uncredited)

Jackson Burns as Mafia Thug #1 (uncredited)

Travis Fine as Player (uncredited)

Tammy Nguyen as Young Li (uncredited)

Tim Powell as Dr. Rolf Kelnor (uncredited)

Michael Warrior as Attorney (uncredited)

Theo Wu as Young General Vinh Tran (uncredited)

Thomas Rosales Jr. as Drug Soldier (uncredited)

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