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The President's Man

A Line in the Sand


Released 2002

Eric Norris = Director

Leon Ortiz-Gil = Associate Producer

Garry A. Brown = Co-Executive Producer

Michael T. Elias = Co-Producer

Chuck Norris = Executive Producer

Aaron Norris = Executive Producer

Chuck Norris as Joshua McCord

Judson Mills as Deke Slater

Jennifer Tung as Que McCord

Roxanne Hart as Lydia Mayfield

Joel Swetow as Abdul Rashid

Alex Dodd (Ali Afshar) as Abir Rashid

Thom Barry as Gen. Warren Gates, Chief of Army Intelligence

Bruce Nozick as Phillip Kaznar, Attorney General

Maz Jobrani as Ali Faisal

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison as Herself

Philip Casnoff as Jack Stanton, Chief of Staff

Robert Urich as President Adam Mayfield

Chino Binamo as Guard #1

Dameon Clarke as Andy Shelby

Dan Flannery as Carter McLain, CIA Director

Jeff Grays as T. C.

Sean Hennigan as Arthur Everett

James Huston as Spencer Ryan

Maggie Parks as Barbara

Bill Poague as Producer

Tom Powell as Dr. Rolf Kellner

Brett Rice as Stephen Mornay, FBI Director

Jordan Wall as Rob Daniels

Jack Watkins as Dan Felder

Harout Yerganian as Rashid's Aide

Brian Dakota as White House Staff (uncredited)

Rosa Nichols as Waitress (uncredited)

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