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The Prince of Egypt


Released 1998

Brenda Chapman = Director

Steve Hickner = Director

Simon Wells = Director

Penney Finkelman Cox = Producer

Sandra Rabins = Producer

Ron Rocha = Associate Producer

Jeffrey Katzenberg = Executive Producer

Val Kilmer as Voice of Moses

Ralph Fiennes as Voice of Rameses

Michelle Pfeiffer as Voice of Tzipporah

Sandra Bullock as Voice of Miriam

Jeff Goldblum as Voice of Aaron

Danny Glover as Voice of Jethro

Patrick Stewart as Voice of Seti

Helen Mirren as Voice of The Queen

Steve Martin as Voice of Hotep

Martin Short as Voice of Huy

Bobby Motown as Voice of Rameses Son

Eden Riegel as Voice of Young Miriam

Ofra Haza as Voice of Yocheved

James Avery as Additional Voices

Stephanie Sawyer as Additional Voices

Aria Noelle Curzon as Additional Voices

Francesca Smith as Additional Voices

Amick Byram as Singing Voice of Moses

Sally Dworsky as Singing Voice of Miriam

Brian Stokes Mitchell as Singing Voice of Jethro

Shira Roth as Singing Voice of Hebrew Child

Linda Shayne as Singing Voice of The Queen

Mel Brooks as Additional Voices (uncredited)

Brian Tochi as Additional Voices (uncredited)

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