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Princess of Thieves


Released 2001

Peter Hewitt = Director

Craig McNeil = Producer

Kelley Feldsott Reynolds = Co-Executive Producer

Alison Roth = Co-Executive Producer

Geoffrey Griffith = Co-Executive Producer

Jon Cowan = Executive Producer

Robert L. Rovner = Executive Producer

Antony Root = Executive Producer

Michael Taylor = Executive Producer

Susan B. Landau = Executive Producer

David Barrass as Cardaggian

Malcolm McDowell as Sheriff of Nottingham

Hannah Cresswell as Voice of Marian

Keira Knightley as Gwyn

Del Synnott as Froderick

Stuart Wilson as Robin of Locksley

Crispin Letts as Will Scarlett

Roger Ashton-Griffiths as Friar Tuck

Jonathan Hyde as Prince John

Adam Ryan as Conrad

Brendon Gregory as Coachman

Stephen Moyer as Prince Philip

Gaye Brown as Countess Tourtelot

Luke de Lacey as Tourtelot's Courier

Peter MacQueen as Captain

Christopher Whittingham as Baron

Robert Rawles as Volunteer Peasant

Paul Ready as Sheriff's Servant

Andrew Dunford as Merchant

Dick Ward as Herald

Jonathan Pembroke as McCamley

Gillie Gratham as Mary Duff

Peter Cellier as Archbishop

Marius Chivu as King Guard (uncredited)

Iulian Postelnicu as Messenger (uncredited)

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