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Race To Witch Mountain


Released 2009

Andy Fickman = Director

Andrew Gunn = Producer

Amy Steftenagel = Associate Producer

Mario Iscovich = Executive Producer

Ann Marie Sanderlin = Executive Producer

Dwayne Johnson as Jack Bruno

AnnaSophia Robb as Sara

Alexander Ludwig as Seth

Carla Gugino as Dr. Alex Friedman

Ciarán Hinds as Henry Burke

Tom Everett Scott as Matheson

Chris Marquette as Pope

Billy Brown as Carson

Garry Marshall as Dr. Donald Harlan

Kim Richards as Tina

Iake Eissinmann as Sheriff Antony

Tom Woodruff Jr. as Siphon

Paul Darnell as Siphon Stunt Double

John Duff as Frank

Bob Koherr as Marty

Kevin Christy as Matt

Bob Clendenin as Lloyd

Sam Wolfson as Imperial Stormtrooper Ciardi

Bryan Fogel as Imperial Stormtrooper Gray

Robert Torti as Dominick

John Kassir as Chuck

Beth Kennedy as Stenftenagel

Jonathan Slavin as Gallagher

Harry S. Murphy as Analyst D. Pleasence

Ted Hartley as Four-Star General V. Lewton

Jack Eastland as General E. Albert

Meredith Salenger as Natalie Gann

Andrew Shaifer as Casey Taylor

Suzanne Krull as Gail Ross

Steve Rosenbaum as Oren Bergman

Christine Lakin as Sunday

Corri English as Herself, Brokedown Cadillac

Randy Dunham as Himself, Brokedown Cadillac

Don Ian as Himself, Brokedown Cadillac

Jeff LeGore as Himself, Brokedown Cadillac

Danny Reuland as Himself, Brokedown Cadillac

Dave Engfer as Iscovich

Omar J. Dorsey as Police Officer Hough

Joseph Leo Bwarie as Frankie Valet

Paul Nygro as Teddy Tentacles

Brandon Scott Miller as Hendricks

Andrew T. Janey as Repola

Dennis Hayden as Ray

Shengyi Huang as Shira the UFO Huntress

Hiromi Oshima as Fem-Alien #1

Christina Wun as Fem-Alien #2

Christopher Dobler as Hansen

Garrett Patrick Marshall as Bomback

Buck as Junkyard

Cheech Marin as Eddie Cortez

Len Anderson IV as NORAD Analyst (uncredited)

Nathaniel Best as Black Ops Soldier (uncredited)

David Black as High Roller (uncredited)

Patty Chong as Hot Model & Gambler (uncredited)

David Cohen as Bus Driver (uncredited)

Jeff Corbin as Black Ops Soldier (uncredited)

Hugh Daly as Black Ops Soldier (uncredited)

Aliza Finley as Girl Jack Bruno Signs Book For (uncredited)

Lanette Fugit as Alien (uncredited)

Gilley Grey as Country Dancer #1 (uncredited)

Victor Harris as Black Ops Soldier (uncredited)

Cindy Iglesias as Alien (uncredited)

Brian Irvin as High Roller (uncredited)

Christopher Karl Johnson as Country Dancer in Bar (uncredited)

Waymond Lee as Space Conventioneer (uncredited)

Natalina Maggio as Convention Anime Character (uncredited)

Chandler Maness as Black Ops Soldier (uncredited)

Stefan Mavi as Alien Larper (uncredited)

Matt Mitchum as Special Ops Soldier (uncredited)

Lee Reherman as Lieutenant Gunn (uncredited)

Shawna Reina as Country Dancer #2 (uncredited)

Franklin Ruehl as Ufologist (uncredited)

Michael Santos as Black Ops Soldier (uncredited)

Kyle Shaw as Black Ops Soldier (uncredited)

Delia Sheppard as Highroller (uncredited)

Rob Simone as Ufologist (uncredited)

Chambers Stevens as Dave Green (uncredited)

Tino Struckmann as Black Ops Soldier (uncredited)

Matthew Thane as NORAD Spec & Military Guard (uncredited)

Thomas Michael Tran as Black Ops Soldier (uncredited)

Pleasant Wayne as Bar Girl (uncredited)

Tanoai Reed as Jack Stunt Double

Norm Compton as Jack Stunt Double

Karine Mauffrey as Sara Stunt Double

Allison Caetano as Sara Stunt Double

David St. Pierre as Seth Stunt Double

Justin Gant as Seth Stunt Double

Mary Lynn Giacomazzi as Alex Stunt Double

Paul Anthony Scott as Burke Stunt Double

Sala Baker as Stuntperson

Sean Graham as Stuntperson

Mickey Giacomazzi as Stuntperson

Gary Baxley as Stuntperson

Richie Burden as Stuntperson

Chris O'Hara as Stuntperson

Eddie Braun as Stuntperson

David Barrett as Stuntperson

Scott Fisher as Stuntperson

Ray Morquecho as Stuntperson

Dane Farwell as Stuntperson

Jason Rodriguez as Stuntperson

Cory Fleming as Stuntperson

Charlie Grisham as Stuntperson

Tim Gilbert as Stuntperson

Denney Pierce as Stuntperson

Loren Dennis as Stuntperson

Kevin Foster as Stuntperson

Austin Priester as Stuntperson

Keith Shindoll as Stuntperson

Kevin L. Jackson as Stuntperson

Jeremy Fry as Stuntperson

Stanton Barrett as Stuntperson

Steve Kelso as Stuntperson

Keii Johnston as Stuntperson

Matt Baker as Stuntperson

Simon Rhee as Stuntperson

Sammy Valdivia as Stuntperson

Monty L. Simons as Stuntperson

Robert Alonzo as Stuntperson

Gabriel Nunez as Stuntperson

Jim Hart as Stuntperson

Kim Kahana Jr. as Stuntperson

Jon Braver as Stuntperson

Daniel Arrias as Stuntperson

Lane Leavitt as Stuntperson

Japheth Gordon as Stand-in for Jack

Sonni Stommel as Stand-in for Sara

Karen Kelly as Stand-in for Alex

Alexander Richard as Stand-in for Seth

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