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Raising Arizona


Released 1987

Joel Coen = Director

Ethan Coen = Producer

Deborah Reinisch = Associate Producer

Mark Silverman = Co-Producer

James Jacks = Executive Producer

Nicolas Cage as H. I. McDunnough

Holly Hunter as Edwina 'Ed' McDunnough

Trey Wilson as Nathan Arizona Sr.

John Goodman as Gale Snoats

William Forsythe as Evelle Snoats

Sam McMurray as Glen

Frances McDormand as Dot

Randall 'Tex' Cobb as Leonard Smalls

T. J. Kuhn Jr. as Nathan Arizona Jr.

Lynne Dumin Kitei as Florence Arizona

Peter Benedek as Prison Counselor

Charles 'Lew' Smith as Nice Old Grocery Man

Warren Keith as Younger FBI Agent

Henry Kendrick as Older FBI Agent

Sidney Dawson as Moses, Ear-Bending Cellmate

Richard Blake as Parole Board Chairman

Troy Nabors as Parole Board Member

Mary Seibel as Parole Board Member

John O'Donnal as Hayseed in Pickup

Keith Jandacek as Whitey

Warren Forsythe as Minister

Ruben Young as 'Trapped' Convict

Dennis Sullivan as Policeman in Arizona House

Richard Alexander as Policeman in Arizona House

Rusty Lee as Feisty Hayseed

James Yeater as Fingerprint Technician

Bill Andres as Reporter

Carver Barns as Reporter

Margaret H. McCormack as Unpainted Arizona Secretary

Bill Rocz as Newscaster

Mary F. Glenn as Payroll Cashier

Jeremy Babendure as Scamp with Squirt Gun

Bill Dobbins as Adoption Agent

Ralph Norton as Gynecologist

Henry Tank as Mopping Convict

Frank Outlaw as Supermarket Manager

Todd Michael Bogers as Varsity Nathan, Jr.

M. Emmet Walsh as Machine Shop Ear-Bender

Robert Gray as Glen and Dot's Kid

Katie Thrasher as Glen and Dot's Kid

Derek Russell as Glen and Dot's Kid

Nicole Russell as Glen and Dot's Kid

Zachary Sanders as Glen and Dot's Kid

Noell Sanders as Glen and Dot's Kid

Cody Ranger as Arizona Quint

Jeremy Arendt as Arizona Quint

Ashley Hammon as Arizona Quint

Crystal Hiller as Arizona Quint

Olivia Hughes as Arizona Quint

Emily Malin as Arizona Quint

Melanie Malin as Arizona Quint

Craig McLaughlin as Arizona Quint

Adam Savageau as Arizona Quint

Benjamin Savageau as Arizona Quint

David Schneider as Arizona Quint

Michael Stewart as Arizona Quint

William Preston Robertson as Voice of Amazing Voice

Ron Francis Cobert as Reporter #1 (uncredited)

Jery Hewitt as Stuntperson

Bill Anagnos as Stuntperson

Curt Bortel as Stuntperson

Shane Dixon as Stuntperson

Allan Graf as Stuntperson

Cindy Wills Hartline as Stuntperson

Gene Hartline as Stuntperson

Jeff Jensen as Stuntperson

Edgard Mourino as Stuntperson

Ron Nix as Stuntperson

Spanky Spangler as Stuntperson

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