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Released 2007

Brad Bird = Director

Brad Lewis = Producer

Galyn Susman = Associate Producer

John Lasseter = Executive Producer

Andrew Stanton = Executive Producer

Patton Oswalt as Voice of Remy

Ian Holm as Voice of Skinner

Lou Romano as Voice of Linguini

Brian Dennehy as Voice of Django

Peter Sohn as Voice of Emile

Peter O'Toole as Voice of Anton Ego

Brad Garrett as Voice of Gusteau

Janeane Garofalo as Voice of Colette

Will Arnett as Voice of Horst

Julius Callahan as Voices of Lalo & Francois

James Remar as Voice of Larousse

John Ratzenberger as Voice of Mustafa

Teddy Newton as Voice of Lawyer, Talon Labarthe

Tony Fucile as Voices of Pompidou & Health Inspector

Jake Steinfeld as Voice of Git, Lab Rat

Brad Bird as Voice of Ambrister Minion

Stéphane Roux as Voice of Narrator

Jack Bird as Additional Voices

Andrea Boerries as Additional Voices

Marco Boerries as Additional Voices

Lindsey Collins as Additional Voices

Thomas Keller as Additional Voices

Brad Lewis as Additional Voices

Lori Richardson as Additional Voices

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