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The Reef


Released 2006

Kyung Ho Lee = Director

John Fox = Director

Howard E. Baker = Director

Ash R. Shah = Producer

Mark A. Z. Dippé = Producer

Youngki Lee = Producer

David Hillary = Co-Producer

Timothy Wayne Peternel = Co-Producer

Joshua S. H. Sohn = Co-Producer

Hyuk Shim = Executive Producer

Alex J. Yoo = Executive Producer

Sundip R. Shah = Executive Producer

John Rhys-Davies as Voice of Thorton

Bruno Alexander as Voice of Pi's Dad

Reedy Gibbs as Voice of Pi's Mom

Jimmy Bennett as Voice of Young Pi

Dylan Cash as Voice of Young Percy

Megahn Perry as Voices of Percy's Mum & Female Parrotfish

Trent Ford as Voice of Percy

Freddie Prinze Jr. as Voice of Pi

Rob Schneider as Voices of Pelican, Indian Crab, Bart, Eddie,

Lobster, Madge the Starfish, Lou, Nerissa & Conch Shell

Mel Rodriguez as Voices of Manny & Dr. Tang

Richard Epcar as Voice of Moe

R. Lee Ermey as Voice of Jack

David Fickas as Voices of Max, Squid No. 3 & Big Shark

Andy Dick as Voices of Dylan & Curious Shark

Evan Rachel Wood as Voice of Cordelia

Kirk Zipfel as Voices of Mussel No. 1 & Squid No. 1

Matthew Rauch as Voices of Mussel No. 2, Sponge & Buddy

Donal Logue as Voice of Troy

Fran Drescher as Voice of Pearl

Joel Michaely as Voices of Squid No. 2 & Blowfish

Brice Beckham as Voices of Green Gossiping Fish & Cynical Shark

Michael Cornacchia as Voice of Angler Fish

Tahnee Shah as Voice of Prawn (uncredited)

Tia Shah as Voice of Prawn (uncredited)

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