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Regarding Henry


Released 1991

Mike Nichols = Director

Scott Rudin = Producer

Mike Nichols = Producer

Susan MacNair = Associate Producer

Jeffrey J. Abrams = Co-Producer

Robert Greenhut = Executive Producer

Harrison Ford as Henry Turner

R. Michael Haley as Court Clerk

Stanley H. Swerdlow as Mr. Matthews

Julie Follansbhee as Mrs. Matthews

Rebecca Miller as Linda

Bruce Altman as Bruce, Henry's Partner

Elizabeth Wilson as Jessica, Henry's Secretary

Donald Moffat as Charlie Cameron

Mikki Allen as Rachel Turner

Annette Bening as Sarah Turner

Aida Linares as Rosella

John MacKay as George

Mary Gilbert as Julia

Peter Appel as Eddie the Doorman

Harsh Nayyar as Liquor Store Owner

John Leguizamo as Liquor Store Gunman

Harold House as Policeman

Robin Bartlett as Phyllis

Cynthia Martells as ICU Nurse

James Rebhorn as Dr. Sultan

Brian Smiar as Dr. Marx, Chief of Staff

May Quigley as Hillary

Bill Nunn as Bradley, Physical Therapist

Marjorie Monaghan as Julie

Emily Wachtel as Nurse Gloria

Kai Soremekun as Loretta

Suzanne O'Neill as Real Estate Broker

Glen Trotiner as Elevator Man

Jeffrey Abrams as Delivery Boy

Jack P. Mclaughlin as Taxi Driver

Louis Cantarini as Hot Dog Vendor

Kirby Mitchell as Rudy, Lawyer

William Severs as Lawyer

Mark Irish as Lawyer

Bernadette Penotti as Lawyer

Jim Gardner as Lawyer

Fred Fehrmann as Lawyer

Alva Chinn as Lawyer

Henry Stram as Waiter

Kia Graves as Jennifer

Benjamin Hendrickson as Daniel, Phyllis' Boyfriend

Susan Forristal as Brenda

Ralph Byers as Gerald

Joan Kindred as Party Guest

Hollis Granville as Butler

Anne Stone as Anne, Charlie's Secretary

Kevin Breznahan as Busboy (uncredited)

David Giardina as Extra (uncredited)

Russell Gibson as Street Huckster (uncredited)

Joe James as Orderly (uncredited)

Mike Kimmel as Paramedic (uncredited)

Anibal O. Lleras as Hospital Pacient (uncredited)

Nancy Marchand as Headmistress (uncredited)

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